Friday, July 19, 2013


This week has been one of the saddest ever. Abo Ibrahim fondly called Leyla (may Allah  grant him Jannah and protect him from the punishment of the grave) my aunty's husband passed on last Sunday and to think I thought of calling him to check on him and ask about his health  but I figured I'll call later in the month when idd is about :'-(. Still in my head/heart I think I'll go visit my aunty and find him at their home :'-( :'-(

His memories will forever remain with us.The happy moments we shared(he actually travelled to Isiolo for Mresh's wedding despite his poor health at the time),the jokes,advise and him standing by us during difficult times.

Memories of his love for soup,coffee(with a lot of milk) and chapatis.

Everytime we met we talked about stuff(none I can think of now) but all I know is that I loved him very much.

He loved and respected everyone and treated all his visitors with so much respect.Every time you visited his home you'll be treated so nicely.

His strict abidance to salah and always praying all the salahs at the mosque and waking his household to pray salatul subhi in the mosque.

I always knew life is short and death comes unannounced but this has made me realize that I should cherish my friends and family more,spend time with them as much as I can and call them often and respect Allah and do good deeds.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Convoy travel to Nairobi

I'm going home on Saturday(jumping up and down in my head) but how do I go(obviously Sabrin to Nairobi but I have to explore all other options first).

The agency I work for is currently not getting free ECHO flights so no chance I might get a free flight out of here.I ask around to find out if any agency is sending their vehicle to Nairobi for any reasons, unfortunately none but a lot of vehicles going to Garissa over the weekend.I could get a ride on one of them and get a bus to Nairobi from Garissa.Problem with this is I have lost/misplaced my ID and getting to Nairobi with all the police checks on the way will prove to be a challenge for me but I have my voters card,ATM,NHIF,NSSF cards  and a couple of other documents showing I'm truly Kenyan and Kiswahili :-), it is proof of your nationality considering how many times the police/AP say habari yako? to people they suspect aren't Kenyan on the bus going to Nairobi from this side.

Happy news!!!! when I come from the field and check my inbox amongst the e-mails there is one that carries the bestest news for me-ROAD TRANSPORT TO NBO (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay am I lucky or what).I book my seat on the UNHCR bus and wait for Saturday to go home.

Saturday morning 6 am I'm at the car park thinking the bus leaves at 6 am but I learn it leaves at 6.30 am no worries at least I'm early.I'm expected to go with two lecturers and 2 scholarship beneficiaries to Nairobi and I had contacted them the previous night telling them about the travel.

Disappointment-1 student says he can't travel and that  he is not interested in the scholarship anymore :'-(  all I'm thinking is  why is he wasting his future the other one is leaving home at 6.15 am no way he can make it in time but atleast he is still interested.The 2 lecturers over nighted at a hotel outside the DMO compound.The hotel is on our way as we leave Dadaab town towards Garissa and I had told them we will pick them from the gate of the hotel.I ask the driver if we can pick 2 people on our way and he says no.'But the hotel is far and its too early for anyone to walk to the DMO' I protest. 'We will wait for them let them walk' says the driver.  Poor lecturers, I call them to inform them they have to walk to the basket ball pitch as this is where all the vehicles in the convoy assemble every morning before leaving either for the field or any other convoy travels.Luckily they make it in time.

At 6.30 am we leave and I sit next to Katra(my office mate) and she makes the journey really interesting she tells me all kinds of stories and we listen to music on her phone (I deleted any kind of music from mine-Me working on being good muslim). I guess now I have a good friend in the office thanks to this trip home :-)

The convoy leader for this trip was awesome and apparently knows Radio language really well(I thought he didn't) 2 vehicles get punctures before we reach Garissa and I appreciate Radio communication as everyone in the convoy knew what was happening as they could all hear when any driver in the convoy contacted the convoy leader and there was a total of 7 cars in the convoy.

We stop over at Mwingi for tea/lunch it really depended on what someone wanted to eat (and now my addiction to coffee/tea in the morning is confirmed.I had this headache and 1 cup of hot tea later it goes away).

We reach Nairobi at around 2 PM and I have this long to do list: catch up on school work,some TV,family and friends.6 days is all I have hoping to fit all this in.