Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Nairobi Half Life experience

Nairobi half life the movie is beautiful I have watched more than once and had fun each of those times.I have been lucky enough to watch it with different people each of the times.Hemedy who loved it and almost cried when Oti died at the end of the movie,Mresh hasn't let her opinion of this movie known to us she kept quite through it,Abdimalik and Mum who loved it because it was in Kiswahili and the latest people I have watched it with are Murshid,Keno and Lula.Murshid who started complaining after the first few minutes hoping that the whole movie won't be in Kikuyu and the the rest of us had watched it before so we reassured him it'll get to sheng he won't understand :-).

Always after watching the movie we have these discussions along the lines kumbe hivi ndio watu hukuwa wakora and pity the village movie guy who gets mugged at the bus station.I have always wondered why the onlookers did not help him and I love the people I get to watch movies with as we re-make scenes and talk about the people in the movies like we know them!!

So the other day I travel to Nairobi and the villager that I am I'm too happy........the big city and all(Nairobi is the heart beat of the nation,city in the sun,economic capital of East Africa......). As I decide on what to carry home and size of  luggage I want to carry I figure to reduce on it I carry a bag back so that I have only one bag ( poor decision number 1). We arrive at around 3PM and the vehicle drops us at Kencom and there are so many people( why are all these people in Nairobi???). I remove my wallet and put it in the outer pocket so that I can easily access it when I get on the bus to go home(poor decision 2).

I happily walk towards the bus stop/queuing area for the buses that go where I live.I get into the bus and as I'm sitting I realize my wallet is gone!!!!! and my bag is open :-( .So I get off the bus and call Mresh to M-Pesa me some money as I curse who ever stole my wallet.I get home and we talk about how I was stolen from and I get dissed for how rural I am (Hao waizi wanajua wariya ndio huweka wallet kwa mifuko za nje) and I'm wondering someone must have seen this guy take my wallet why did they not say something.But this is Nairobi for you everyone minds their business

Now I'm stuck with no ATM,NSSF card,NHIF card and School ID and as I had misplaced my national ID earlier I'm officially starting the process of getting new identification documents.Lesson learnt Nairobi half life has some truth in it and never carry a bag back in Nairobi on your back that's why I sometimes see people with back packs carried in front.