Monday, October 7, 2013

My crush is getting Married(sob sob)

So the guy I have this huge crush on is getting married to some girl.Note to self make sure I see her and see if she is worth him.Does my opinion in this matter though no as it will always be biased or not after all I'm an adult and I know I can't always have I want.

I'm seriously thinking why do I like this guy and I hardly even know him.We have seen each other in coordination meetings and I have spent some time thinking/talking about him.

I first saw him first in the section leaders meeting and felt no attraction just thought this dude has such nice eyes!!!! and I had a really bad cough so I kept on walking out to get water and cough probably the people in this meeting thought she has the dread TB we are always talking about.

Second time inter-agency meeting and as usual he comes in late and asks this many questions after all he represents the donor here and asks about the fresh fruits and vegetables project(what!!!!!!!!! he means fresh food vouchers) but no one notices this apart from me.FFV clearly means different things to different people and this is why acronyms should be banned or used only when truly necessary.

The next time I see him is convoy travel to Nairobi and his is convoy leader and sits infront of us and he kinda chats to us and he doesn't know my name(seriously) my heart is crying but well now he knows me and will not forget my name fingers crossed.

Then the mid-year reviews and he calls/e-mails often yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to find out about performance/impact and we report our progress.We get to hang out in the mid-year review meeting and sit in the same group(because we work in the same camp) pure joy for me and this is the last time I see him because after this  I'm too occupied and mostly unable to attend any meetings :-(

Me and my friend talk about people we like and give them some nickname based on what we agree on to describe them best and after a lot of discussions we agree he is most definitely a beautiful red sparkling vintage car and in brief we call him Red.

Now Red has been taken by some girl its time to move on(from this craziness) and get an actual person and maybe get myself a husband or someone who will be more than someone I see at meetings and talk about.

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