Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Luuq is insecure(well according to me things have gotten better) and because of this people read the bosses will give you the shortest amount of notice that they are coming to the field seriously who calls at night to tell you tomorrow we are coming for a monitoring visit.I thought as standard practice people should inform you of intent to visit like a week in advance or so but this manenos of calling at 8 PM and saying we will need to visit some villages see the works ongoing,talk to some beneficiaries and see the DC seriously don't we have work-plans and stuff we already have planned to do??? I love the fact that  finally they'll get to see the feeder roads and water pans that I talk/report about so much but an advance notice would have be really helpful.

I call the mobilizers and we do most of the mobilization on the phone at 9 PM!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess the village committee chairmen officially have confirmed that yes in addition to talking too much I am also slightly crazy.

I thought about putting up a show or just letting it be and do what I call free-styling i.e just show up and have the normal fights with beneficiaries:

Me: So  you have done these roads(they do not look really done)


Me:How comes there are still stumps and the road is still uneven

Foremen: We have no tools and therefore we are using the  few tools we have and are we tractors to even out these roads

Me:Tools are coming soon(hopefully this soon fikas really soon) and once they come you might have to re- do the sections of the road previously covered to ensure that its up-to standard

Foreman: Ok.

Me:Thanks : -)

So do we let the boss see this normal day to day of our lives or do we create some ideal situation............after some discussions we agree lets just go for normal day to day but ensure that all beneficiaries show up at their areas of work in the morning with all the tools they can get (we aren't really badly off I guess and honesty is the best policy in this case 90%  truth).

We leave the office early pass by the villages and ensure that the beneficiaries are mobilized and everything is according to the plan,all beneficiaries are present and working (with all this acting if all else fails I could get directing roles :-))

We do the visit: the beneficiaries,the foremen,the village committee and even the DC do not disappoint they say the way we are doing a good job and they are happy but there will always be these beneficiaries who'll launch complaints because they think that these visitors will miraculously solve them like why in the hell didn't they ever say that some of them got bags of rice that had water and why now so many days after the distribution but me being the obedient person note the complaint and follow up with vendor.

A few days later we get the mission feedback and before I read it I'm thinking maybe some good and some bad reviews but apparently my boss was impressed yaaaaaaaaaaay :-)