Saturday, May 23, 2015

A tale of the sea and valleys :-)

Eyl is one of this places not a lot of people know and especially the people that are my family and friends. Ati wapi? Eyl? spell hiyo jina :-) :-) .Part of them know it as ile town ya Captain Phillips and others are still in the process of understanding how the name is spelt :-).

It is such a picturesque small town that has valleys and the sea and I'm sure if Somalia was peaceful it will be this travel destination and people will be flocking here. Because words would not do justice to Eyl let these pictures tell the story. 

Very beautiful sunsets. The sun sets at 6 so 6.30 ish is dark and it rises at 5 and we are in the same time zone as Nai how now? we need to be like 2 hrs ahead based on this.
Boats on the shores of the sea. These small boats are used by the fishermen to catch fish but they face a lot of competition from big ships from foreign countries that also fish in the same waters :-(

The day I discovered that those wall hangings are made from sea-shells and that shield looking thing is actually from a turtle.Weird enough initially I always sub-consiously thought that the turtle hide was a maasai shield.

Sea inspired wall hangings made from sea shells.

Sea inspired wall hangings made from sea shells.

Farms :-)
Cactus used to fence the farms how clever right?

Si I have eaten fish like never before and I even tried  to eat lobster tried being the key word, before I thought lobsters are this fancy kind of food rightfully so considering how its only sold in high end hotels in Kenya but be informed people its not fancy, I could not take more than two bites and I’m me who eats anything that is on a plate and is halal(this says a lot for the appeal of this fancy kind of meat) talking of new food I have tried out courtesy of Eyl (drums roll)boiled sorghum,it was sorghum and Somali beans, sugar was used instead of salt and a lot of sussa poured into the plate(100% better than the lobster) I do not understand the communities aversion to sorghum,it tasted like ndengu not bad at all if you ask me.

Yes there is a basketball court or is it arena in Eyl (notice the sitting blocks) therefore the person who built this put the court and the place for fans to sit and cheer.Is it actually used? I do not know but I sure hope so.

The best of all the sea and the beach, the level of awesomeness that is the Indian Ocean here will blow your mind. It’s REALLY beautiful and as Sadiq aka the official towns in Somalia consultant puts it the sea-line at Eyl is beauriful (note beauriful) and this is a person who uses words like precarious in the most random of conversations so he could have easily spelt beautiful but I think  beautiful wasn't good enough hence beauriful :-) :-)