Tuesday, January 12, 2016


A street in the town.
For the longest time I had been planning to go to Bosasso and for some reason or another I couldn't go but finally I was there 2 weeks ago,which seems like such a long time away now...........................it was last year right? so far back.

I am feeling so lazy to write a lot and will just put in a lot of pictures, I took 314 pictures in 3 days, what does this say about my let me capture every moment so as to re-live it  later? I am all for it :-).

In true Rahma fashion I googled what to see in Bosasso before going and these came up:
1.The white sandy beaches
2.The Golis mountains
3.Biya kulule

I will say this never trust google too much,the beach in Bosasso is not Sandy.Unfortunately we didn't go to Biya kulule because of some issues to do with an attack having happened close to the place, I hope I go to Bosasso again and get to see it and also to go to the town when the heat its known for is ON so that I can truly do a Bosasso conversation because ask anyone about the town and the first thing  they will tell you about is the heat.

The beach.
We were lucky and were in Bosasso on a Friday and the beach is the place to be on Friday afternoons, people come from the town to spend time at the beach and its just this very joyful place :-) :-)

Beach football,there were so many small football games(matches?) going on.
Girls at the beach
This boy who decided to make this picture way nicer :-) :-)
When you decide to wear the wrong shoes to the beach/for the day and you end up walking barefoot for most of the day.

The Market

The market is really big and you could get many things and if you aren't looking for anything in particular window shopping can't be a bad thing and the most of the guys selling stuff  were really friendly.

Wall of dirac

:-) :-)

Sahal account for some shop the star at the top is genius right?
The airport

The airport at Bosasso was being renovated and by renovated they mean,it was being constructed!! at the time it was near completion and they were allowing people to get in and see it.It was opened a few days ago,so I guess no more going in to see will be allowed.

Me striking a pose(not really)

 The Port
 The town is famous for its port and what would a visit to the town be if you do not go see the port,but its not free for all to access,therefore you'll need someone who knows someone who works at the port to be able to get in.

I got henna :-) :-)

Boats at the port.

Me striking a pose(most definitely :-)

 On the way to Bosasso..................................
This 'bed and breakfast' that allows you to sleep under the stars :-)

Are you in doubt about kind of photography these guys specialize in? even if you didn't read the top of their door.
Because I see a lot of small shrubs and never big trees here but once I saw this,all I am noticing now is more trees(breaking glass sound anyone??)
How Maghrib time looks (looked)