Friday, January 27, 2017

Taking stock 005

I have been thinking the way I should make this blog more useful,like teach a skill or something along that line because I figured my day to day cannot be too interesting, but teach what skill??? biggest question of all, as I try and answer this question allow me to introduce you to Alfred Enoch aka Wesley Gibbins.....................from the moment he showed up to his criminal law 100 class late and won our hearts or just mine and his lecturer's with this line; 'I'm not usually a front row kind of guy but I promised myself I wouldn't hide at the back of the class'. 

Alfred Enoch better known as Wes Gibbins in HTGAWM
Making: lists of things/habits to carry into/start this year and those to leave behind so far the list is looking like this.
More TV (includes all tutorials and cooking videos on YT), more writing, kicking ass at work, better muslim, happiness,healthy eating and exercise(ha ha ha), more adventure and more books..................

Unnecessarily getting  involved in other people's lives/business, unrequited love,explaining myself, fear of people/my social anxiety and procrastination.

Yes I know it is the 27th of January but better late that never right?

Cooking: I am obviously cooking nothing as I write this but I made  rice and cabbages so looking forward to that.

Drinking: tea and biscuits,yeah I might be falling off that healthy eating bandwagon that I have been clinging onto but one thing is certain I am getting back on.


Marshall Goldsmith’s What got you here, won’t get you there: I have just began reading it but it looks like a boring read,why do self-help books have to be so boring!.

Betty Mahmoody's Not without my daughter: I joined a book club, an online book club because nothing says 2017 more than an online book club with  people you have never met :-) :-) and the book  for January was Not without my daughter.The book club's discussion were on the 23rd and it seems everyone finished the book before me but I am well into it and so far I am thinking the author was too biased, from the book club's discussions most of the guys in the book club thought so too.

Wanting:to be a better Muslim

Playing: E-sir's Hamnitishi.The memories that this song brings,happier younger days :-) :-).

Wasting: nothing,I have the efficient person on lock these days (how I wish) seriously I can't think of anything I am really wasting maybe water..................


Wishing:that my visit to the dentist doesn’t involve too much pain(fingers crossed) but based on him asking me to get an X-ray before him doing a root canal I am guessing I might just cry.

Enjoying: more TV shows,for some reason last year I didn't watch a lot of shows but this year seems like the one.Originals season 3 already down; how does Nick-Klaus die/get daggered with Papa Tunde's blade season 4 promises to be lit!!! now that Marcelus is also a wolf and is working with the witches lakini I remain forever team Klaus.

Liking:the sunsets that I get to see each day on my commute home.

Loving: Thandiwe Muriu. I first saw her on the young rich photography edition on K-24 and I just wanted to be her friend,she has such intelligent conversation and so I did what you do when you want to get to know someone better- google them and to say I was impressed would be an understatement, she was valedictorian of her class and decided to follow her passion instead of going into formal employment.She has a YT channel that she uses to teach photography,so if you want to learn a thing or two about photography be sure to check her out.

Hoping:that I am able to achieve most of my resolutions this year.

Marvelling: At Biko Zulu’s fans.Man!!!!!!!!!! he has a loyal fan base,me included because I read his articles each Tuesday without fail.This man is doing something he needs to tell all other commercial bloggers about-'how to get people to read,comment and repeat this each week'.Here is the thing he doesn’t engage the audience,ati liking comments and replying back,no he doesn’t but peeps comment and engage with each other, seriously there is the blog and then the comments to the post. How he does that is  something I believe a lot of people would like to know.

Needing: To start on my resolutions for this year,I have some in my head but have been too busy lazy to actually write them down but the year is still young :-) :-).

Smelling: coconut oil :-).

Wearing: always wearing a baati, always.

Following: the doctor’s strike…………………….who isn’t?? really hoping the CBA is implemented and the doctors have the last laugh.

Noticing: the large number of web-series on YouTube, mostly Nigerian ones, I am really loving Skinny girl in transit and 5ive. Also is it me or does it seem that us guys are more concerned and knowledgeable about the politics in the USA that our own issues what is this obsession with other people's countries and issues.

Knowing: that reading Shonda Rhime's Year of Yes was one good thing I did last year, as it introduced me to Shondaland, all I am saying is this introduction is going so well for me and I love love Shondaland.

Thinking: 2017 is the year I will be on time for everything :-) :-).Goodbye tardiness and procrastination we had a happy time together but it’s time we both moved on.

Feeling: a little confused because transitions can be very confusing and scary in the words of Wale
'Even if you make plans you never think you're really ready for marriage. No it's like any growth, you can't be ready for it because that is growth.It's gonna be new. You're gonna have a new life, you're gonna be a new person'

Bookmarking: 123 movies.On this site you can watch all your favourite series online and I know this makes no sense because a CD is 50 bob but if you are some place and cannot burn a movie or series and have access to the internet this site will keep you company.

Opening: I have a crazy number of tabs open :-D :-D so no I am not opening anything.

Giggling: at conversations in Jane the Virgin, they are all so familiar. like the way a new born can weigh less than their birth weight during their first clinic visit. Sokor had her first clinic visit at 6 weeks old, Mresh had decided on exclusive breast feeding and because Sokor wasn't feeling breast milk the poor girl was real skinny so the nurse on duty ended up giving Mresh a serious lecture on child nutrition and it is on this day before even going home that Mresh got a bottle and infant's milk formula and the weight gain began.........................this same exact thing happens in Jane the Virgin. It's quite interesting but I think it's definitely for a female audience.