Friday, July 19, 2013


This week has been one of the saddest ever. Abo Ibrahim fondly called Leyla (may Allah  grant him Jannah and protect him from the punishment of the grave) my aunty's husband passed on last Sunday and to think I thought of calling him to check on him and ask about his health  but I figured I'll call later in the month when idd is about :'-(. Still in my head/heart I think I'll go visit my aunty and find him at their home :'-( :'-(

His memories will forever remain with us.The happy moments we shared(he actually travelled to Isiolo for Mresh's wedding despite his poor health at the time),the jokes,advise and him standing by us during difficult times.

Memories of his love for soup,coffee(with a lot of milk) and chapatis.

Everytime we met we talked about stuff(none I can think of now) but all I know is that I loved him very much.

He loved and respected everyone and treated all his visitors with so much respect.Every time you visited his home you'll be treated so nicely.

His strict abidance to salah and always praying all the salahs at the mosque and waking his household to pray salatul subhi in the mosque.

I always knew life is short and death comes unannounced but this has made me realize that I should cherish my friends and family more,spend time with them as much as I can and call them often and respect Allah and do good deeds.


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