Thursday, April 21, 2016

Taking Stock 002

The sunrise :-) :-)

Making:Plans to go places, officially joining the #twenzetu team,If someone was to check my google history they’ll die of laughter, all those searches for affordable,clean and safe places to stay at in place X. If points could be earned on trip advisor I will be close to travelling for free.

Cooking: Tea if making tea is considered as cooking.

Drinking:More and more water because apparently water makes your skin glow and your hair grow which are things I really would love to happen.

Reading: Chimamanda's Half of a Yellow sun.

Wanting:To see new places.

Playing: Sauti Sols's Sura Yako over and over because have you heard it!

Wasting:time on you-tube what with the all the cooking and make-up tutorials on it. Now lets hope all this time investment pays off in me cooking and looking better.

Sewing:Nothing because I don't know how to.

Wishing:I had more adventurers people in my life because currently the only thing they do when I suggest adventure related things is laugh :-(

Enjoying:My home time and all the TV time it allows me :-), speaking of TV time, the Originals script writer deserves an award for such a good story and these vows Jackson and 
Hayley made at their wedding.

Jackson:I pledge to honour and defend you and yours above all others.

Hayley: To share in blessings and burdens,to be your advocate and your champion.

Jackson:To be your comfort,your sanctuary for as long as we both shall live

Hayley:To be your family

Jackson:To be your family

Liking:The fact that the real househelps of Kawangare is getting the hype it deserves,with them being on the cover of true love J J

Loving:I have always loved Sauti Sol but now its safe to say I am in LOVE because I sing along to Unconditionally Bae and it just came out.

Hoping:That I get to cross some of the places that I have in my place to see/visit list.

Marvelling: At the person who takes pictures for WFP's twitter account such excellence in photography(according to me).If for nothing else check-out that account for the pictures.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams(caption on this picture)

Needing:To learn how to be more efficient and do more using less time,I sometimes worry about how much time I take to complete certain tasks, to help with this I have the 7 habits of highly effective people and the 80/20 principle, hopefully after I read them magic will happen and I will be a time saving ninja.

Smelling: This really nice hair perfume I got that smells like mangoes 


Following: A lot of Kenyan travel blogs and I particularly love this two The art of wanderlusting and the The Kenyan Camper 

Noticing: That I am happiest when I go explore places and I am just as happy making travel plans and googling things to see in place X even when they are just wishful plans,I have learnt the internet sometimes lies,a place can be hyped on the net and underwhelm you when you go and it can be under-rated online and when you visit it blows your mind, key is if you think a place might be interesting and is within your plans go and write a review after or something but whatever you do, do not trust the internet 100% 

Knowing: That working from home is a lie and its basically code for switch on the computer and do nothing else related to it but just keep it on and by some process work will do itself because actually sitting down and thinking is not the easiest of things to do (or maybe it's just me)

Thinking: Staying on task is more important that starting way in advance because starting on things early gives you the illusion that you have time hence laziness creeps in.

Feeling: I don't know if I am feeling anything out of the ordinary just the usual, I want to eat all the cake and not feel guilty/worried after.

Bookmarking:Easy recipes online and trying some I made this bomb french toasts the other day (if I do say myself)

Opening: This tab of the smoothest peanut butter truth be told I have maybe eaten half of it straight from the container,who is this person who eats this much I don't know her :-).

Giggling: At stories from my small brother's parents day, yes it was held during the school holidays because fourth form is the win or loose year.Rural Meru is beautiful!!!! Some parts of the meeting was held in Meru and yet at the entrance of the school there was this sign why??