Sunday, March 26, 2017

Eat Out-Mogadishu Edition

Dusk at Lido Beach
When I meet others like me I recognize the longing, the missing, the memory of ash on their faces. No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark. I've been carrying the old anthem in my mouth for so long that there’s no space for another song, another tongue or another language- Warsan Shire.

Guess who is was sitting at Bole international airport on transit, writing about Mogadishu, your guess is right people, it’s me!!!!!, you have no idea how much I have wanted to be able to be one of those people who have in their location-at Bole international airport, a long long time and on a 3 hour lay-over that I cannot say I am hating,............................... see typical of these Ethiopians always trying to steal Somalia’s shine but not today, ok let’s just say I am was kinda struggling with the urge to keep on people watching and then 'finding time' to finish this post but I am here now :-).

Well,hello beautiful! believe it or not this is what you see when you first arrive in Mogadishu
If you have been to Mogadishu, you know that getting into the city blows your mind, the airport by the Indian ocean provides such a scenic entry that is the city’s way of saying 'Trust me all you hear and read about me is not true, see I am not war-torn, rugged or ugly, do they say I am ugly? they sure have to be lieing.The first time I was at the Aden Abdulle airport my mind was so blown that I took so many pictures, like 100 pictures in less than an hour!

If the beauty of the airport does not get you, then the love Somalis have for their capital city will have you loving the city also, because if you are ever on transit with them then you’ll hear how almost 80% of them call their friends to say they are in Xamar, the love in their voices when they say Xamar will make you want to love the city same way they do.

What you hear about Mogadishu is mostly untrue. The residents of this city will shock you with how accustomed they are to explosion and gun-shots. You would think that the war and constant bombings will weaken their spirit but if you visited Mogadishu without any prior information of it's infamous reputation you will not think it to be the most dangerous city in the world but just a bustling, loud town with loads of tuk-tuks and a heavy military presence, but if like me you come to the city with the full knowledge of it being dangerous a fear that never goes away settles in your stomach for the whole while you are in the city.

I had a list of places to see while in the 'world's most dangerous city' because who wants to be the person who visits the city and has no iconic stories to tell.Stories like I saw Somalia's parliament,the national theater and Villa Somalia, seriously these are the places I really wanted to visit but the friend I was to explore with thought this list dangerous and borderline suicidal and so we settled for places to eat at, shopping and Lido beach.

Lido Beach

Boat rides

Look at me, I am the Captain now (if you know, you know)
Lido is Mogadishu's most popular beach as it's located not too far away from the town and it's public.We went to Lido in the evening and to say it was beautiful would be a huge understatement, there is this restaurant right on the beach, so if you are ever in Mogadishu early evenings on Lido beach and dinners are quite the treat.

Also on Lido beach there are boat rides that go far into the sea, they are a must if you ever visit but whatever you do, do not get into a boat full of ladies,they will scream and make the boat ride experience a horrible and scary one.

Beerta Nabada

:-) :-)
We had the big misfortune of going to Beerta Nabada after dark,so we didn't get to see much.They have a fast food joint within these gardens and true to form we ate all the junk :-) :-)

Posh Treats
My besties also known as fries :-)

Who would have thought sheesha in Moga!!!!

Who would have thought  a club  in Moga!!!!

When you think Mogadishu,do you also at some point think sheesha or loud music, I am guessing no because I would never in a thousand years have thought that there are sheesha joints in Mogadishu,that not only have sheesha but also play loud music.

If you want to see the unexpected side of this town,then Posh Treats has got you covered and if you are like me and are a 'drug free zone' they have some really awesome food too.

Makah al mukkaramah

The best pineapple cake ever.

Kericho Gold, we see you!

Inside Makkah al Mukarramah
What would this post be,if I did not tell you where to get cakes,Makah al Mukkaramah has really good cakes,like really good cakes.It's such a fancy joint that will have you wanting to stay forever because cakes,coffee/tea and free wifi are things that can make one turn a coffee place into a 'home'

The shopping experience

:-) :-)
My friend swears that clothes,shoes and bags in Mogadishu are sold at a fraction of the price they are sold at in Nairobi because the traders here do not pay taxes.There is this shop called Hanan Shop directly opposite Makah al Mukkaramah,they have designer bags,shoes,dresses and chunis definetly worth a visit.

Xamar Wayne is baati heaven!!

Have you ever been to Mogadishu,if so what did you make of it and do you have recommendations on must visit places in the town?