Monday, November 10, 2014

Of new wives,babies and The End

Its official I'm a coward the one who smiles and hides that she has very difficult things to say. I have a lot of things that I'm not scared of I live in Luuq that makes me one of the bravest people I know :-) :-)..........................kujipigia debe is allowed once in a while but currently I have end of contract notices that I have had for the past 10 days with me.

I speak everyday to the guys that I'm supposed to give them to and I say to myself kesho is another day now all the fighting spirit I have to say contracts are ending is gone  :-(  this is just too difficult.

What makes this really difficult is that all of them have families and big responsibilities. Allah has all the provisions for us and holds our futures but can I pull a religious line on them? If it was this young unmarried men read people with zero responsibilities I could have done this by the first but ...................

One  just got a second wife and the wedding was fun we ate(pilau camel meat,cakes and halwa) and drank a lot of milk shake(sharubet milk) he has more responsibilities and I'm guessing he took this big step because well he has a steady flow of income read contract.Weddings I'm sure are expensive affairs so probably he is in debt and very broke.He seems genuinely happy how do I tell him this news and break his new marriage happiness.

The other one is on off/some sort of local arrangement as he is planning to marry a 19 year old(how I know this he tells us all the time of how young she is) and he says he is looking to impress and got stuff from Nai(the equivalent of Dubai for us Luuq peeps I guess) .His new wife is his obsession,she is  a beauty and he has a lot of pictures on his phone that he keeps on showing to us.Kweli hii story ya ilianza na kaselfie is real people but I digress.So I'm assuming he is doing all this because he hopes that income will be there for him to take care of this pretty little thing he is getting himself and do a grand wedding.How on earth do I break this to him??

2 have pregnant wives that are getting babies anytime and from the experience with my little niece raising babies is expensive they need milk,diapers,baby food and these things for all those wanting babies and I am at the top of this list, cost a fortune save up people. How do I tell them??

I figured dropping hints like we need to finish all the close out  stuff by end of November will work but these peeps are too fixated on end of year timelines that they think December we all go on leave (me crying) and come back in January next year Insha aa Allah

I thought of passing this difficult task to my boss he seems better at sharing bad news.So I tell him why don't you tell them that the contracts are coming to an end and he says wacha tu until end of November and tell them then.aaiiiiii this is worse than me and my 10 day delay, that would be too mean what if they make plans on how to use the December salo.

So I have thought and figured we do a field lesson learnt as a final close out activity and during this I just say our work is done and do a slide titled THE END