Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Taking Stock 004

Always catching the sunset :-)

Making: plans and more plans,mostly travel plans :-).Both wishful and real ones.

Cooking: nothing now,but I have been cooking all these different kinds of pancakes from recipes I have gotten online and so far so good.

Drinking:more green tea,both hot and cold and I am so proud of myself because I am a tea with loads of milk and sugar kind of person and green tea sort of demands that you drink it without any milk or sugar and it was this huge struggle at first but now I am so used to it and even like it.

Reading:sadly I am reading no book currently but I just completed Khaleid Hosseini's The Kite Runner.He is such a good writer and if you are interested in Afghanistan's story you should definetly pick up one of his three books.

Wanting:to be done with all my reports and in good time so that those travel plans and all other plans I am making can happen.

Playing:more and more Kenyan songs mostly old ones though.

Wasting: time, always time.The internet is the enemy of time! because you go on Google to look up stuff and before you know it, three hours have passed and you don't even remember what you went to search for originally ( story of my life).

Sewing: Creating: all kinds of boards on Pinterest.

Wishing:that my computer could hear me talk and just filter through all my words and thoughts and do all the writing for me.

Enjoying:taking pictures :-).I have been watching YouTube videos on how to take good pictures and sometimes I take pictures and try practice some of those skills.I don't know about you but I feel like these pictures are bomb.com.

Desert Flowers.

Even camels get thirsty and when this happens they drink  A LOT  of water.

Women irrigating their farm and suddenly the water pressure in the pipe is too strong!
Liking:all the new cake places that are opening up in this town that I live in.

Loving:stories on the WFP Webpage.They write these stories focusing on the different parts of the world that they work in,telling the stories and hopes of the affected communities and obviously what they are doing and the impact they are having.

Hoping:that we win/excel at some major work event that is coming up.

Marvelling: at this thing called season(weather seasons) in a year for the most part I wasn't too keen on seasonality and it's importance to peoples' lives.I knew rains came,there were the cold months and the hot months but never thought much of it but I am becoming this person who increasingly wants it to be the rainy season and actively prays for rain.

Needing:to get new glasses because I have had mine for so long and they have grown old!

Smelling: nothing at all just a normal scentless day.

Wearing:always wearing a dirac

Following:this new you tube series-This Is It.It's tells the story of  a newly wed couple and how they are learning the ropes of marriage(at-least this is what I have gathered).

Noticing:more each day the important role that nature plays in peoples' lives and the importance of taking care of the environment,if you can,plant more trees people,they absorb carbon dioxide,emit oxygen and cause rain and if there is anything that has become really clear to me, it is the importance of rain.

Knowing:that God is the best of planners and if you don't have something yet and are always praying for it,it's probably for your own good because he knows things that you do not know and all his decisions are the best for you.

Thinking:I have to finish writing this blog-post real quick.

Feeling: pressed for time.

Bookmarking:I can't remember anything I bookmarked recently.

Opening:nothing currently,focusing on finishing this post.

Giggling:At Ambassador Amina's interview on Aljazeera.What!!!!!!! she has mastered the art of dodging difficult questions.I not only giggled I literally laughed out loud at 6.37 when she goes like 'that's so interesting' and 'I am sorree, I am sorree' when the interviewer asked about Rutto's case at the Hague and her lies on Jubilee achievements.