Monday, February 9, 2015

Of Missed flight and timeliness(lack of)


Have you ever missed a flight........................well it’s a bad experience, I have missed buses on more than one occasion but there is huge difference between the two; buses easy you just go to the booking office the guy writes open on your ticket and you can use it any other day and in my case I have used a ticket 6 months later.

Let’s just say I have the bad habit of underestimating the time that is required to get from point A to point B and I'm mostly like 5 minutes early or just on time. A little background on me and my time issues and what it has made me miss  I was to have my braces removed in December and left the house to the doctors place at 2.30PM on the 23rd figured I will be there in time and I still had to go the bank, the line at the bank!!!!!!!!!!!! apparently every one banks with the listening caring financial partner, I reached the doctors place at around 5.10 and found this notice on their door'We are closed for the holidays and will re-open on the 3rd of January, what do I do I buy cake go home have a lot of tea  and cake after all these two have a way of making everything better right?,  There is a time I stayed up up-to 4am making a presentation, requested extension on internal deadlines a lot of times basically I am a last minute person, more than anything I need to work on my timeliness of making it to places.

So back to the sad story of me missing a flight first my work place will make you pay for a flight that you miss and these flight are expensive and why oh why is that when you miss a flight you always arrive when its just taking off so you see it and wish you could run and make it stop.If I was a child I would have started crying but the adult that I am have to behave mature about it. Me and Bare (our driver) stand there and look at it leave he starts blaming me for the lateness and he says it me who made us late.He goes like why did you stop to have tea,surely dude has no courtesy, I buy him tea and he blames me for it. If I spoke I would cry  so I just keep quite and look at the plane take off.thinking of how I'm going to explain why I was a no-show and I can't say we decided to have tea on our way to the airstrip how can I make such poor judgement!!!!!!!!!

We stand there in silence and watch the plane disappear a guy comes and  asks us 'what are you doing here?' we tell him our story and he says I think there is another flight.You should have seen us get into the car. we get into the airstrip and indeed there are 2 more flights and I thank God for my lucky stars(but I celebrate too early)

To avoid going back to the office and explain the story of how I missed the flight I decide to sit at the waiting shed. Atleast I'm not the only one who ,missed the flight there was also someone  else but he seemed  less worried than I was.We were relieved that we would get a flight to so we started looking at the positive like we will still get to Nai and not have a long time at Moga in transit and..................generally trying to see the glass as half full so we kill time and talk about a lot of stuff, 'our' flight comes but unfortunately it develops technical problems and its official we are NO I'm truly worried I go back to the office do the dreadful e-mail it reads in part 'I was scheduled to travel to Nairobi today but unfortunately I did not make for the first flight and a later flight was cancelled. This is because the driver’s wife went into labour on Saturday and therefore we could not travel from Luuq to Dollow on Saturday as was the initial plan. We travelled from Luuq to Dollow today in the morning and due to security reasons could not leave earlier than 6.30 am. We arrived in Dollow at 8:35 am but  the plane doors had been closed and no one could board(a lot of stories being a no show is a serious offence  here) ............................................... I’m requesting if you could talk to the UNHAS Nairobi office and see if it’s possible that they put me on the Tuesday flight.

I pray that it will work out and wait for Monday

Lady luck decided she has been too mean and goes easy on me the flight guys agree to re-book me for free on the next flight but I have learnt my lesson from now hence forth I'm going to be in time for everything Insha aa Allah