Friday, April 20, 2018

Is everyone hanging out without me(and other concerns)-Book Review

“This book will take you two days to read. Did you even see the cover? It’s mostly pink. If you’re reading this book every night for months, something is not right.”-Mindy Kaling

I realise now, I don't watch a lot of TV or basically I only watch the Kardashians (runs and hides in shame). All the TV references in this book I did not get, also I have never watched The Office and I therefore do not know who Kelly Kapoor is.Sad thing is the book didn't make me want to watch this show.Do you watch this show? would you recommend it? why?

This book came highly recommended and as much as I said I am done reading celebrity memoirs,I got pulled to this book as it was in almost all the lists of recommended books for women in a certain age bracket ( 😉😉). Mindy Kaling is in Jay-Z's Family Feud so I thought if he can cast her in his video,she must be very good. Book 3 of 2018 is(drums roll please); Is everyone hanging out without me(and other concerns).

The book has some really funny sections that had me laughing out loud and in a matatu at that,it has some good lessons too and she is so relatable.I love that it passes some really important messages about life.

On Friendships
“One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about".

See as human beings we are conditioned to think that more is better but sometimes this is not true.Moreso when it comes to relationships and friendships.There is no way it's humanly possible say to have 50 good friends,be in each others lives and to support them.Choose a few people that matter to you and that you matter to and go through life together.

On Men and societal gender bias.

''I am thirty-two and I fully feel like an adult. Sure,sometimes I miss wearing Hello Kitty jewellery or ironic T-shirts from Urban Outfitters.Who doesn't? But a guy at thirty-two he can act and dress like a grown man or a thirteen year old boy,and both are totally acceptable.That's one of the weirdest things I have noticed about being thirty two.It is a lot of women and a lot of boys our age.''

There is the big assumption that girls mature faster than boys but the truth is girls are forced to taken on more responsibilities earlier in life,which in turn means boys will be boys for a really long time before turning into men and the society is to blame for this.Mindy Kaling talks about men and boys,what differentiates the two and why she prefers men.

On body issues 

''If someone called me chubby, it would no longer be something that kept me up late at night. Being called fat is not like being called stupid or unfunny, which is the worst thing you could ever say to me. Do I envy Jennifer Hudson for being able to lose all that weight and look smokin’ hot? Of course, yes. Do I sometimes look at Gisele Bundchen and wonder how awesome life would be if I never had to wear Spanx? Duh, of course. That’s kind of the point of Gisele Bundchen. And maybe I will, once or twice, for a very short period of time. But on the list of things I want to do in my lifetime, that’s not near the top. I mean, it’s not near the bottom either. I’d say it’s right above “Learn to drive a vespa,” but several notches below “film a chase scene for a movie.”  

We live in a vain world and people as I have come to learn always want to put others down and attack your weak spots/insecurities.That is why men with pot bellies will tell you the way you have added weight just to offend you.Learn what really matters to you and people making fun of you will just be noise and them tiring themselves 😊😊.

On Marriage 

''Married people, it’s up to you. It’s entirely on your shoulders to keep this sinking institution afloat. It’s a stately old ship, and a lot of people, like me, want to get on board. Please be psyched, and convey that psychedness to us. And always remember: so many, many people are envious of what you have. You’re the star at the end of the Shakespearean play, wearing the wreath of flowers in your hair. The rest of us are just the little side characters''

This has to be the only book that I have read in the recent past that talks positively of marriage,most of the books I have read potray marriage as a balancing act of sorts and always the female is the loser.Happy marriages I admire the most because I know how much forgiveness,understanding and patience goes into making one.Her take on marriage is refreshing and different.All yee married people,lets make the single folk want to get married.

On the Internet

“The Internet also makes it extraordinarily difficult for me to focus. One small break to look up exactly how almond milk is made, and four hours later I'm reading about the Donner Party and texting all my friends: DID YOU GUYS KNOW ABOUT THE DONNER PARTY AND HOW MESSED UP THAT WAS? TEXT ME BACK SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT! 

This is the story of my life,you cannot believe how many random things I know,just from detours I have when I am researching stuff online.

On college dreams and life immediately after college

''Should I keep a gas mask in my kitchen? Am I supposed to afford Manolo Blahnik shoes? What is Barney's New York? You're trying to tell me a place called Barney's is fancy?.The greatest source of stress was that it had been three months since I'd moved to New York and I still didn't have a job.''

All of us when we are in college have big dreams and think how we will go out into the job market and be hot cakes.Some people are lucky and this happens for them but most of us,you start doing things and work you never imagined you would do,to pay your bills,earn your stripes and get the all important experience.This is what 99% of the people go through,apparently even celebrities sometimes have normal people issues.

On parents

''In order to spend time with us and save money for our family,my dad dropped us off at school and then returned in time to pick us from our after school program.Then he came home and boiled us hot dogs as an after-school snack,even though he was a vegetarian and had never eaten a hot dog before.''

Mindy talks about her parents,the sacrifices they made to ensure her brother and her get the best of everything and how they never even once complained of all the hardwork they put into raising them in a foreign country.Your parents are the only people who love you uncondtionally,love them,respect them and keep them happy.

Would I recommend this book, yes,yes and yes. It is a fun,easy, educative and very relatable read. I got my copy on telegram for free 😃😃, do yourself a favour and download the telegram app and access loads of free e-books.I know you what you are thinking? e-books are boring but the e-book reader that I have makes reading very easy.It allows you to highlight sections,bookmark them and even email yourself the quotes you love.Its called eBoox.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Can't wait for the jingle ladies to grunge- a review of colourpop's lippie stixs.

Jingle Ladies,Can't Wait and Grunge.
I only recently started to wear make up and lip colour has to be the hardest thing for new make-up wearers that are shy.First ever lip products I bought are; the Sleek brown velvet and NYX butter gloss, both beautiful browns and very subtle.Months of wearing these two, I got bolder with what I was comfortable with.This coupled with the many reviews read and watched on youtube, I now have a long list of lip products in my wishlist many shopping carts across the internet.

Who doesn't love a good bargain, I for sure know, that the biggest enemy to my retiring early in life goals are the words 'we have a sale' or 'we are having xx% off'. Last year during the sales in November, Colourpop had 30% off on everything on their their website. I got a couple of lippie stixs,satin liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow pallettes then. Talking of  sales and lip colours, Colourpop have a 30% off on all their liquid lipsticks now, if you love lipstick and a bargain rush there now!!!( I don't know for how long this sale is for on though,so make those decisions quick people).

I spend a tonne of time reading  lipstick reviews,checking out swatches and watching YT videos reviewing lip colours and I figure this is my time to give back and hopefully someone finds this review useful.Especially because Colourpop's product are sold exclusively online.Without much further ado,lets start with the lippie stixs, I got three and this is my honest opinion of them.

This is a perfect brownish red lip colour that is a beautiful every day colour.I wear this almost everyday and I don't feel like it's too much and find that it is very pretty. Also it doesn't dry your lips and has a slight shine to it.I would highly recommend this.

The only downside to it is it doesn't last through the day or even half the day.It all depends on how much you eat and drink.

Can't Wait

Can't Wait.
This looks like a light brown colour on the website and this is the reasons I got it but when it arrived, I instantly thought-Ya Allah,I made a mistake and got a colour that is too crazy and will probably never wear it.After a while I gave it a try and filled in my lips with Davis lipliner-number 11 and it was so perfect.It's a burnt orange that is oh so pretty.

It drys very matte,has minimal transfer and lasts really long in the day. Out of the three I got this combined with Davis lipliner number 11 looks really nice on.The only downside is that it drys very matte and even settles into the lines on your lips.I put a clear lipgloss on top of it to make it less matte.If you love matte lip colours though,this you will LOVE.

Jingle Ladies 

Jingle Ladies.
I got this thinking it will be a dark purple lip colour and would act as a nude sometimes but boy was I mistaken,it's dark purple that stands out.You wear this and there is no missing your lips.I have only worn it once and I felt so self-conscious the whole time.If you are into bold lips that speak for you,even before you say a word,you will love Jingle ladies.

Would I recommend it yes,it has the same formula as Grunge,doesn't dry down too matte and dark purple is always a good colour to have in your beauty armour.

Colorpop sells their product exclusively online and seeing as the guys who ship them in to Kenya are very serious about their profits, I suggest if you can, save and buy them in bulk online every once in a while.Can you imagine they buy stuff for 3.5 USDs and then sale it at 15 USDs, daylight robbery nothing less. Being the economically conscious person that I am,I decided to get stuff directly from the website and here are the mistakes I made,be wise do not make the same mistakes.

I used my Posta address for shipping: This is a major mistake,your items will take forever to get to you,mine took 3 whole months,you will have to pay import taxes.Use those guys who offer shipping services,I have used Savo Store and they are efficient,although I hear there are cheaper service providers out there.Do you research and find which works for you but whatever you do,do not use Posta.

I was so village(read stupid),that I didn't know about free shipping: Despite all the messages on the website about free shiping if you bought items of x amount and above,I missed that and bought items 0.6 USDs less that what would have gotten me free shipping. Shipping cost me 9 USDs,this money though not much could have bought me an eyeshadow pallete or three lippie stixs or 2 liquid lipsticks.My heart aches when I think of my villageness( read foolishness) at that particular time.Make the most of free shipping.

I did not do enough research on the products before purchase: Despite all the review videos on lip colours for women of colour I have watched I went to the website and ordered,the ultra matte liquid lipsticks-in Limbo,Lax and Kae.Because I normally suffer from a serious case of buyer dissonance,immediately after placing my order I looked at reviews of these specific liquid lipsticks and each talked of how drying they were.I wrote to colourpop and they were kind enough to change my order to ultra satin lipsticks that I will review in due time.Research,research and research again before making your choices final especially of products you purchase online and will only get to see them when they are delivered.

What lip products are your favourite and why? I would love to know.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Twelve Item Bucket List-See A Kenyan Movie On Big Screen.

This year I hope to create a lot of memories,laugh more and generally do what more of what makes me happy, to help with this I made a list of fun things to do,twelve things,one for each month. I must say I have to do better if I am to get everything crossed off by the end of the year Insha aa Allah.Things in this list are easy to do and are all things I will be doing for the first time so yaaaay to the many firsts.

Part of the Watu Wote cast and crew during the Q and A session at the film festival.
I had hoped to see Watu Wote when it was showing earlier in the year but somehow I couldn't make it and was resigned to the fact that there was a possibility of me never seeing it. Luck was  however on my side in the form of the Nairobi Film Festival. I got a chance to see Watu Wote and a bunch of other short films. The Nairobi film festival is an annual event that showcases films from different African countries and supports Kenyan films.During this year's festival Supa Modo and Disconnect premiered, both movies made in Kenya by Kenyan actors/actresses and film crews.

Shots!!!!!!!!!!-alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones.
I decided on shorts,shorts and shots(an evening of short films with a twist) and boy am I glad this is what I choose because I got to see 6 short films,free shots(non-alcoholic) and to meet part of the Watu Wote cast and the crew.If this not a win,I don't know what is.

The six short films that were screened are:


Chasing paper.
This is a film about a lady,whose husband is an irresponsible drunk.She is heavily pregnant and still has to work picking tea because mzee wa nyumba uses all his money to drink.One night her husband comes home drunk,she refuses to open the door for him,in the morning she finds him asleep outside their door,she drags him and ties him inside the cows' boma.It's really funny and has two small boys who did excellent in portraying rural Kalenjin boys in Kericho. I just wished it was longer because a lot is left to the audiences' conclusions.The whole film is for only twelve hours of Chebet's life.


This was a really short film that felt more like a spoken word video.Honestly I didn't get it.


Gisa(Imfura's main character) and his aunty take a break.She was taking him to see his late mum's house that had been destroyed during the genocide.This house was newly built at the time of the genocide and his family hadn't moved in yet 😢😢.
Imfura is set in post genocide Rwanda, soon after the genocide.There is a family conflict over land and the film shows the family members involved in this conflict, during the conflict resolution meetings and during their day to day routine activities.The film had some deep lines especially from the main actors elder brother.Thing with short films as I realized is the audience has to think of their own endings 😐😐.

We Need Prayers-This One Went To The Market

We ukiambiwa watu wanalipa 3000 USDs for your art utauliza?
Patricia Kihoro is a superstar and I loved this because she made the whole cinema laugh with her crazy sense of humour.She plays an artist who is a dot and is trying to get money using what she thinks is in.This is to say artist sometimes draw stuff or make art  that they really don't understand but when they do their exhibitions/installations they just use big words to confuse the audience-segregation,afro futurism,isolation,desolation...................(Patricia's words,not mine)

We Need Prayers-This One Said No

This was so funny and had everyone laughing.It's people at a monthly chama meeting which turns into a the married people with children vs single people with no children war.The big assumption is that single people have no use for money and single person X in this film was fighting for his rights.

The Nest Collective facebook page has these two short films and all the films in their 'We Need Prayers' series,if you have some free time check them out.

Watu Wote

This brings back so many memories of all the trips I have taken to Elwak on the bus.When I used the bus to Elwak there was never peanuts sold though just water and assorted sodas and soft drinks, did the buses upgrade?
Watu Wote was the main reason I went to the film festival and I LOVED it.It's about the attack that happened in Dabacity near Elwak when the Alshabaab attacked a bus travelling from Nairobi to Mandera.After the screening the cast and crew talked about their experience making the movie and you guys it was shot in Magadi!!!! I could have sworn that one of the locations in the film was Kutulo.Also they cast two people from Captain Phillips in it!.

I had a great time at the festival,saw so many famous creatives even said hi to Mbithi Masya(he from Kati Kati) and went home happier.