Thursday, February 8, 2018

What's for breakfast? Somalia Edition.

Anjera, is what it's mostly all about.

Somalis are a breakfast people, they understand eat like a king in the morning,like a non-royal person at lunch and like a person on a diet in the evening.This could be the secret as to why most of them have model like bodies.

Anjero is a staple food in Somalia and it’s the most common breakfast food. One of the memories that I have from when I lived in Somalia (7 months ago 😃) is; every night after the Maghrib salah, you will hear rhythmic sounds of slapping, the sound of mixing the anjero batter and sometimes I try and make the same sound mixing flour but never have I ever achieved it.

Usually they will have tea and anjera for breakfast.The Somali anjera is delicious!! not to be confused with the Ethiopian injera because they are different, it is less sour,smaller in size and doesn't contain teff flour.The traditional Ethiopian injera is usually fermented for a couple of days, whereas the Somali anjero is fermented just overnight.The anjero would be sprinkled with some sugar and drizzled with a little sesame oil, melted ghee or vegetable oil.Loads of people have it with tea. For those who can afford it, in addition to tea, the anjero is served with fried liver and onions, with suqaar (small pieces of beef) or any kind of meat stew.

Last week I was in Garowe and decided to be adventurous and have everything on the breakfast menu :-) :-). The place I stayed had 4 items on this menu and in no particular order the breakfast foods are;

Oats and tea because really, does it count as breakfast if it doesn't include a hot beverage.
Oats are commonly known as porridge in the Somali circles and even at my home we call it porridge.This one time I was telling my sister how I am now on a diet and will be having oats every morning and she says, 'but is oats really better than bread,lactating mothers have loads of oats porridge so as to get enough breast milk,it can't be a slimming food 😂😂 '. Oats  are what I have on most days for breakfast, maybe this is the reason I am just becoming bigger and bigger.

First day,I was there I had oats and tea because I was sticking with the familiar.Their oats are served with 'honey'(a syrup that looks and even smells like honey) and milk.If one is watching what they are eating, this will be a good choice.The tea was

Anjero iyo beer
The heartiest of breakfast-fried liver,anjera and cappucino
This is a favourite of a lot of people and for good reason.It's delicious to eat and very filling, if one has this you will be good to go until four in the afternoon.If anyone one is looking to try one of the Somali breakfasts dishes I highly recommend this. I had my anjero iyo beer with a cappucino. In addition to trying everything on the breakfast menu, I also decided to try all the hot drinks.I don't know much about coffee but this tasted a lot like tea.


Eggs :-) :-)
Eggs are a staple for many people when it comes to breakfast and increasingly I see a lot of people having hard boiled eggs(atleast online). The eggs served were only of one kind, fried eggs that have onions and tomatoes and they are served with roti. I didn't mind this but I didn't like it too much either.


Peas for breakfast? who knew?
When I heard they had beans, I was so so happy because I thought they have to be canned beans, as this is Garowe and no way it will be the usual beans(boiled and fried), if they are canned beans they must be those canned beans that I so love. I was so wrong as they actually are canned peas and tasted horrible.I think what made it worse is I was so excited about it and had these expectations of what it would be.Surprisingly I saw a lot of people having it so maybe it is just me. I had the 'beans with the kafee (coffee) and the kafee is espresso with loads of milk, if something like that exists.

What do you love having for breakfast? me I love: bread, blueband and HOT tea, this combo will be the end of me and my waist line.