Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy ever after

These past few days I have spent quite some time at home and this inevitably means TV and even gotten addicted to Indian soaps thanks to Mresh and Murshid who know each story line to over 10 soaps.

Mostly there is the theme of some guy and some girl work together/go to school together/see each other often,they grow to like each other and then get married and live happily ever after(maybe) or something close to this.In the case of soaps complications!!! like the guy being the lady's brother and she doesn't know and other related complications. Most movies end with happy ever afters,at least a good number of those I watch do........case in point those guys getting the jobs at Google  'Welcome to Google'(handshakes) .If Google is anything close to what its portrayed as in this movie all of us should get jobs there(The Internship).

Sometimes you watch stuff that you can easily relate to ............Winnie Mandela amongst others things got me thinking that seriously nowadays nobody struggles that much for a girl/lady's attention and I also think/have realized I'm the old fashioned kind of person and would love for a guy to put in some effort and not this issues of today someone calls you for 2 days and expects you to be running towards him on the third call seriously!!!!.Maybe just maybe I should have lived in another period in time and not this one.

All men should watch Winnie Mandela and see how 'Mandela' puts in effort to get Winnie and when he finally gets the chance to talk to her.He impresses(I know the movie its fictional but still!!!)


Winnie:Yes me Winnie

'Mandela': Namzamo Madikizela,Daughter of a teacher,son of a chief from the village(I can't remember name) where my ancestors are buried.

Now that is a winner wacha this mamboz of people who don't even know your second name months after you've met.

Well there are certain persons I know and love very much who recently got married this is to you may this mark the beginning of your happy ever afters :-) :-) and finding out all there is to know about each other so that in the very near future you can pull a' daughter of a teacher who is son of a chief from the village............

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