Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If wishes were horses

The President's office.
A while ago I wrote this post here on how I would love to see the Villa Puntland and sit on a special task force well sometimes wishes do come true and I went to the Villa Puntland and sat in so many drought meetings and one meeting hence forth called the meeting in which the special task force was in attendance.Talking about wishes coming true it happens to some people in big ways look at Miss Sharon and her love for Maasai morans here  and here when she gets herself a fine Maasai.

Pastoralists transporting food and water.
There is a drought in some parts of Puntland (this increasingly feels like writing about work something I must avoid).This as a result of the poor rains during the last rain season and people are mostly pastoral therefore their livestock is thinner,gets them less money,food is more expensive in the market,water sources have dried up and people are eating less,have inadequate access to water and all that therefore the president declared the drought an emergency and sent out invites(more like a summon I think) for people to attend a meeting at his place to discuss these very important things but as fate would have it I was out of the town then and the invite was to my boss in the first place so I figured this going to see the Villa Puntland thing might not happen,during this meeting agencies were given a two week ultimatum to come up with response plans and do a second meeting with the president.So the panic begins and to say many coordination meetings have been held would be an understatement like every day there is a meeting!!

There is a special task force that has been established to specifically take lead on issues to do with the drought and drought response but its run by the government and therefore zero chances of me getting into it but I went for one meeting(the meeting) and all task force members were in attendance and I wouldn't say its something out of the usual meetings you go for but its really high profile and you have to watch what you say more or just play it safe and keep quite.

In these meetings sometimes you meet some serious high rollers like I met a certain HoA and he has a kabambe and he thinks I am judging him and honestly I was not thinking about why he has a kabambe because I also have a kabambe.He tells me 'you know my daughter just got a job and is buying me a new phone as a gift' , the pride on his face when he said this!!!! I wish his daughter knows how so very proud of her he is, but that's not even the point of this phone story, the point is this guy can easily afford to get himself  a phone but his daughter is getting him one, people take your daughters to school because they are the ones who'll buy you expensive phones you don't really need and make you so proud that you'll want to talk about them all the time.

Flags inside the compound of the Villa Puntland
I went to the Villa Puntland yaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss wish come true but it was unplanned because if I had known I was going say the night before I could have dressed up for the occasion because I went in a Dirac which was way too under-dressed so much so when I sent Mresh a picture and told her the story the first thing she says is 'Na ulienda na dirac si ulituangusha!!.The place is heavily guarded obviously and there are a lot of security checks as you get in, there are houses in the compound still under construction but I was at the president's place!!!Now I hope my other many wishes come true :-) :-)

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