Monday, June 27, 2016

Taking Stock 003

Cows!!!!!!! How nice is this picture :-) :-)
Making:A lot of duas(maybe too many) it is the last ten days of Ramadhan and if you aren't making duas,praying for forgiveness what else are you doing, Also making idd plans and by plans I mean cooking and eating plans :-) :-).

Cooking: Nothing as I write but I have this huge cooking plan for idd. 3 days of idd anyone??

Drinking: Lots of water and less tea(win!!) plus I discovered Vimto (read the foreign market segment of this page) this Ramadhan and I am a little embarrassed to say how much joy it brings to my Iftars and Ramadhan nights.It is like having an endless supply of fanta blackcurrant with the control of how sugary you want it to be, pure bliss.

Reading:Year of Yes,how to dance it out,stand in the sun and be your own person by Shonda Rhimes and trying as much as possible to read the Quran.

Wanting: To maximize on the benefits that I reap from this holy month.

Playing: I haven't played any games recently but I will tell you about hula-hoops. I have a few small nieces and cousins who I have come to realize sing variations of songs that we used to sing when we were in nursery school so a lot of the times I am the one who is doing the skamares with them but one thing is for sure they might sing in school but they do not play outside as much.There was this one day I found some of them with an old bicycle tyre and back in the day we used to them as  hula hoops and they are holding it and I think they wanted to play but I was mistaken,I decide to them show how to hula-hoop, the shock on their faces when I put it on my waist and did what its meant to be done with, I gathered I was using it wrongly and walked my dinosaur self away letting them be and use the tyre for whatever purposes it was they were planning to use it for.Seriously though what out-door games do children play now?? skipping rope is alien to a 6 year old I know and now hula-hooping is also alien???

Wasting:I don't know if its only me but do all Muslims have this feeling of what have I done with my Ramadhan, have I wasted this opportunity or is it just me. 

Sewing:Creating:This Quotes board on pintrest,I have come to love pintrest so much because if ever you wanted any sort of creative ideas its the site to visit, but as me and Mresh discovered tailors can disappoint if you make them make dresses from pinterest but its pretty dope and I am slowly becoming addicted to it.

Wishing: Ramadhan could slow down just a bit.

Enjoying: This mini web-series I found on youtube An African City. and because I am me, I went on and watched Nana Mensah and MaameYaa Boafo doing their TEDx talks and they are not only really good actress but such excellent people.Disclaimer if you watch this show do not judge me based on some of the scenes on it.

Liking: Ramadhan and the small fact that I am now an 'expert maker' of viazi karai thanks to a lot of practice.

Loving:How disciplined I have been with my reading schedule this year but noticing that I am definitely a fiction reader and struggle to read self-help books but I must soldier on and on and on because how else will I get a return on my money if I only read fiction.

Hoping:That all of my prayers are answered!

Needing:To learn to say no without explaining myself and in the words Nayirrah Waheed; No,might make them angry but it will set you free,If  no one has ever told you,your freedom is more important than their anger.

Smelling: Is it possible to smell the wind?? because all I am imagining to be smelling is the wind.This is to say I smell nothing just clean fresh air.

Wearing:Is this question necessary because always I am wearing a dirac,Maybe I should start saying the colours of the diracs :-) :-) and how pretty they are.

Following: All the old things I always followed but I am currently liking Patricia Kihoro on snapchat, If you do not follow her and are on snapchat consider it, she will make your days,she even has a Meru alter ego.I am also loving Ramadhan Notes that a girl called Sarah Elhassan posts on a daily basis, as in one note for each day of Ramadhan.

Noticing: That YouTube is the ish,because just the other day(before Ramadhan) I forgot the title to Chris Brown's don't judge me and I searched using all kinds of sentences and I got the song using -Chris Brown kills himself going to space (I know, me and my search history can win awards).

Knowing:That I trust too much and too easily all the time and this has caused me so much heartache and learning that not everyone who laughs with or even smiles with you is your friend is something I need to cement in my forgetful head.

Thinking: Where is this year running too?? just yesterday(it sure does feel like it) I was loving Sharon and Lonina's best present ever pose  and now its 3 days to July!!

Feeling:Lost.Have you ever felt lost,like you do not know what you are doing and you look at goals and resolutions you made at the beginning of the year and you wonder 'so not one thing on this list has been achieved??? not one?? was I setting things that were way beyond me or what is going on!!!!!'.But I have read more and improved on my timeliness :-) :-) which are something.

Bookmarking:Still bookmarking easy recipes online like I found this kaimati and mahamri ones and they are officially on the Idd plans list

Opening:This social anxiety disorder online test because I have my moments and sometimes think maybe I am just weird and I love to hang out alone or with people I really really know and there is nothing else to it but based on how much I am not into social interactions of any sort I might just have this social anxiety thing or I am just a loud/noisy loner.

Giggling: At some of the stories in the Year of Yes.I am just starting on it  but so far it has been  very insightful.

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