Friday, December 16, 2016

Afghan House

Very Afghani if you ask me,look at the owner, he sure is representing his country,
'I gave Farid some money and he went out to get food. He returned with four sizzling skewers of kabob,fresh naan and a bowl of white rice. We sat on the bed and all but devoured the food. There was one thing that had not changed in Kabul after all: The kabob was as succulent and delicious as I remembered'-The Kite Runner

I am always looking for new experiences,not outrageous ones obviously but what's life without trying out new stuff, pretty boring if you ask me.I also find time and read for fun as often as I possibly could and I have  over time read all of Khaleid Hosseini's books and therefore in relation to the topic at hand- Afghani food, I would like to believe that I have 'first hand' information because  three books is no joke ☺☺.My brother and I had set out to go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and then go to the Giraffe Centre after but we got lost so many times and by the time we found the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust it was past 12 PM and we all know that if you want to see the baby elephants/elephants at the DSWT you have to be there by 10.30 am because they allow visitors for only 1 hour that is between 11 am and 12 noon. To make our trip to this other side of the city worthwhile in addition to the Giraffe Center we decided go to the Hub as these two are in same neighbourhood.

The Hub

The artificial lake at the Hub

Lights :-) :-)

The amusement park at the Hub
I used to think how lame it is to go visit a mall,just for the sake of visiting a mall but the Hub changed my mind because now I might just start going to malls to explore them.

The Hub is so so beautiful and especially at night/early evening when the lights come on,it has an artificial lake, beautiful lush grounds,many shops, so many places to eat; all the cuisine journeys you want to take,they have your back! Indian,Italian,cakes,Middle-East and many others I am sure, all the good things in one place. Also if you have children all I am saying is find time and take them there and specifically to the amusement park and trust me this will be the only thing they will be talking about for the longest time.

The Chicken Biriyani

My  brother who is a certified Nairobi foodie based on the number of places he has eaten at and the comments he makes on food, If I didn't know him I would have thought he is a judge on some cooking competition.He had the chicken biriyani and thought that though good,it’s no where near the swahili chicken biriyani. I also think very few food items compare to the swahili biriyani. You know the way swahili biriyani has the rice and the stew that has boiled eggs in it,the Afghan one has no stew whatsoever and no egg,what's biriyani without these two.Swahili biriyani Oyee!!!!

The Bolanee.


Sauces to eat with the Bolanee.
I had the Bolanee which is naans stuffed with mixed spice potato and onions served with a tomato chutney mainly because I am not much of a meat eater,I really wanted to try the Mantu which is traditional beef dumplings but changed my mind because beef/any meat really isn't much of my thing.I later read reviews and saw that everyone thought they are the best on the menu.I liked the Bolanee,they were tasty and very Afghany ☺, how do I know? you ask; the only food story I clearly remember from Khaleid Hosseini's books is Nana teaching Mariam how to make bread/naans in A thousand splendid sun therefore any food that has these two qualifies to be very very Afghany.

Chances of a lot of us going to Afghanistan are very slim, what the Afghan house offers is a taste of the country through their food without you having to do any travel, would I recommend it,yes I would but I will say stay away from the rice dishes because really rice is rice and try something new ☺☺.