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Can't wait for the jingle ladies to grunge- a review of colourpop's lippie stixs.

Jingle Ladies,Can't Wait and Grunge.
I only recently started to wear make up and lip colour has to be the hardest thing for new make-up wearers that are shy.First ever lip products I bought are; the Sleek brown velvet and NYX butter gloss, both beautiful browns and very subtle.Months of wearing these two, I got bolder with what I was comfortable with.This coupled with the many reviews read and watched on youtube, I now have a long list of lip products in my wishlist many shopping carts across the internet.

Who doesn't love a good bargain, I for sure know, that the biggest enemy to my retiring early in life goals are the words 'we have a sale' or 'we are having xx% off'. Last year during the sales in November, Colourpop had 30% off on everything on their their website. I got a couple of lippie stixs,satin liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow pallettes then. Talking of  sales and lip colours, Colourpop have a 30% off on all their liquid lipsticks now, if you love lipstick and a bargain rush there now!!!( I don't know for how long this sale is for on though,so make those decisions quick people).

I spend a tonne of time reading  lipstick reviews,checking out swatches and watching YT videos reviewing lip colours and I figure this is my time to give back and hopefully someone finds this review useful.Especially because Colourpop's product are sold exclusively online.Without much further ado,lets start with the lippie stixs, I got three and this is my honest opinion of them.

This is a perfect brownish red lip colour that is a beautiful every day colour.I wear this almost everyday and I don't feel like it's too much and find that it is very pretty. Also it doesn't dry your lips and has a slight shine to it.I would highly recommend this.

The only downside to it is it doesn't last through the day or even half the day.It all depends on how much you eat and drink.

Can't Wait

Can't Wait.
This looks like a light brown colour on the website and this is the reasons I got it but when it arrived, I instantly thought-Ya Allah,I made a mistake and got a colour that is too crazy and will probably never wear it.After a while I gave it a try and filled in my lips with Davis lipliner-number 11 and it was so perfect.It's a burnt orange that is oh so pretty.

It drys very matte,has minimal transfer and lasts really long in the day. Out of the three I got this combined with Davis lipliner number 11 looks really nice on.The only downside is that it drys very matte and even settles into the lines on your lips.I put a clear lipgloss on top of it to make it less matte.If you love matte lip colours though,this you will LOVE.

Jingle Ladies 

Jingle Ladies.
I got this thinking it will be a dark purple lip colour and would act as a nude sometimes but boy was I mistaken,it's dark purple that stands out.You wear this and there is no missing your lips.I have only worn it once and I felt so self-conscious the whole time.If you are into bold lips that speak for you,even before you say a word,you will love Jingle ladies.

Would I recommend it yes,it has the same formula as Grunge,doesn't dry down too matte and dark purple is always a good colour to have in your beauty armour.

Colorpop sells their product exclusively online and seeing as the guys who ship them in to Kenya are very serious about their profits, I suggest if you can, save and buy them in bulk online every once in a while.Can you imagine they buy stuff for 3.5 USDs and then sale it at 15 USDs, daylight robbery nothing less. Being the economically conscious person that I am,I decided to get stuff directly from the website and here are the mistakes I made,be wise do not make the same mistakes.

I used my Posta address for shipping: This is a major mistake,your items will take forever to get to you,mine took 3 whole months,you will have to pay import taxes.Use those guys who offer shipping services,I have used Savo Store and they are efficient,although I hear there are cheaper service providers out there.Do you research and find which works for you but whatever you do,do not use Posta.

I was so village(read stupid),that I didn't know about free shipping: Despite all the messages on the website about free shiping if you bought items of x amount and above,I missed that and bought items 0.6 USDs less that what would have gotten me free shipping. Shipping cost me 9 USDs,this money though not much could have bought me an eyeshadow pallete or three lippie stixs or 2 liquid lipsticks.My heart aches when I think of my villageness( read foolishness) at that particular time.Make the most of free shipping.

I did not do enough research on the products before purchase: Despite all the review videos on lip colours for women of colour I have watched I went to the website and ordered,the ultra matte liquid lipsticks-in Limbo,Lax and Kae.Because I normally suffer from a serious case of buyer dissonance,immediately after placing my order I looked at reviews of these specific liquid lipsticks and each talked of how drying they were.I wrote to colourpop and they were kind enough to change my order to ultra satin lipsticks that I will review in due time.Research,research and research again before making your choices final especially of products you purchase online and will only get to see them when they are delivered.

What lip products are your favourite and why? I would love to know.

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