Tuesday, May 8, 2018

To be young, in love and broke.

Buy one get one free,the dream of everyone on a budget
What young love feels like,I honestly don't know.I didn't have a crazy youth even personality quizzes I took then told me I was matronly and was wasting my best years 😂😂😂.I was focused on getting school work done,was a wall flower and was painfully shy. If I could turn back time,I would be the craziest youth ever but wishes are not horses therefore I am stuck with no significant memories of stupid things I did.

Research tells me young love is the worst kind.It makes one do stuff they normally wouldn't do like move countries to be with the one they love,drop out of school,take up bad habits and other unexpected things.An example of someone who had this disease is a girl who shall not be named.She was one of the prettiest girls in college yet she loved the DRUNK and by drunk I mean his nickname was ule mlevi,they were a total mismatch and I often wondered what she saw in him. They fought constantly and in public but they would always reconcile. I figured she will outgrow him at some point, clearly I didn't know that what she had was the incurable version of young love. I hear they are happily married now.I bet she will have an epic story when she is a grandma on how grandpa was a player and how she won him.

To be broke,now this is a thing I know too well.There is nothing that will make you more innovative than not having cash and wanting to impress someone who means a lot to you with maybe a gift,a meal or anything that requires you to spend.A friend told me how he used to take his college girlfriend out for chicken and fries each time they met.He would then have to skip lunch for the whole week after.Thing is he hasn't seen her in a long time. He tells this story with a voice that says he wishes he was wiser then.

Are you wondering where I am going with this,wonder no more,this a story about Pepino.This are the people who have a buy one free offer on their pizzas each day of the week.On a random Saturday we decided to check it out because my sister felt like having pizza.None of us had ever been there before and I thought why not.The crowd at Pepino is mainly young people on dates with loads of free time and happiness in their lives based on how much they laughed.


The sitting arrangement I really liked as it has sufficient space,is colourful, is airy and has a lot of light.


We were there on a Saturday at around 11 am ( don't judge),it wasn't busy but it definitely got busier as we were there,they have lots of sitting space and even have space on the terrace so that if you wanted to eat while people watching you could do it.I loved the ambience here.

Food-Pizza and Juice.

The Peri-Peri Pizza.
The Chicken Tikka.
We got the peri peri and the chicken tikka pizzas.Honestly I felt short changed as they was such little toppings on them.Out of the two the peri peri was the better one as the chicken tikka literally had no chicken on it.A lot of people were having chicken and fries so maybe this is what they do best,also they have a coffee shop,a juice stand and a steak house. I might not have their pizzas again but I plan on trying their coffee and cakes.

We both had the cocktail juice and we liked it,my sister who is the juice expert says it was fresh and it didn't taste like it had any additives.

I know,you think I am pulling a Ghafla on you,but I am not we sat near two young couples,clearly college students;

The patient good girl

This girl waited for over an hour for her date. She didn't order,didn't call him every two minutes she just sat calmly reading a book.When the tardy boy arrived,she stood up and hugged him.The boy had ordered as he had that thing that buzzes to let you know your food is ready, I think he forgot the drinks and so she went and got two litres of Fanta passion with two glasses.This girl you wife immediately

The slay queen

She walked in with her date because who keeps a slay queen waiting right? she was so skinny and because my sister is queen of lame jokes,she points her to me and says-Rahma wasichana kama hawa ndiyo wanafaa kukula pizza si sisi,sisi tunafaa kukula mboga pekee.I look at her and she is very pretty,she looks photo shoot ready.Her date is her photographer and hype man,she expects him to constantly compliment her.All her questions were about her-if she is pretty,how is her hair,her lipstick,her outfit...................While I think these are good things but moderation is key,they spent such little time actually talking to each all they did was pose and take pictures.The girl scrolled to see if they were perfect and she expected constant compliments from him.This girl I don't know what you do with her because she will drain you.

Would I recommend Pepino-no,their pizzas are bila toppings and they aren't exactly cheap were it not for their buy one get one free offer.You should definetly try their juices and their coffee shop.Have you been to Pepino what did you think of the pizzas?


  1. The pizza isn’t that bad, unless the quality has reduced over time( sadly a characteristic of most hotels in town).

    1. The chicken tikka was really bad just the pizza bread, a LOT of cheese and spices and 3 tiny pieces of chicken.The periperi had more toppings on it.

    2. The juice we had was really nice :-)