Sunday, June 24, 2018

Taking Stock Q2 2018

It's June already!!!! where does time go.

December last year with all it's shenanigans is so fresh in my memory that if there were no calendars I would think it was last week. The person that invented the calendar and the concept of time sure did us wrong because without these I would be a nineteen year old with the wisdom of a much older person aka kijana mwenye akili za mzee and the time would always be festive seasons.We all know this is impossible because life is such an irony; when you are young and 'foolish' you have all the energy in the world and most of the time you waste it.When you are old/older and wiser you have such little energy to implement all the great ideas you have.What better way to remind yourself of the quick passage of time than taking stock time.

Making:lists and more lists.On my phone,goals book,gratitude journal ,excel planner,pinterest.Right now my life is full of lists.I hope this means I will forget less things and be more productive.

Cooking: trying to learn how to bake and make home made baked muesli.So far I fixed my oven,downloaded cake recipes and got some baking equipment.Scariest thing is the amount of oil,flour sugar and margarine/butter needed to make cake.Clearly cake and especially one with cream is 80% fat and sugar 😭😭. I have made different forms of muesli and each time it came out really delicious.All you need at minimum is jumbo oats, nuts you love or mixed nuts and seeds like sunflowers seeds or chia seeds to make  a stock of healthy breakfast option.If you decide to bake it you will need coconut milk and honey. If you haven't tried making your own muesli what are you doing?!. 

Ginger Ale and coke by the sea.

Drinking:All of kinds of juices and sodas.I know what you are thinking unhealthy much but these past few months I have been doing this hotel living thing and the temptation is real.You guys I struggle through a mug of green tea.Me who could drink a whole jug at home.
Reading: Lean In.I just began reading it and the first two chapters have been really insightful.
Wanting: To make the most of all the opportunities I get so as to not have regrets in the words of Mark Twain Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.So throw off the bowlines.Sail away from the safe harbor.Catch the trade winds in your sails.Explore.Dream.Discover.

Playing: Everything is love.Despite what a lot of people are saying I honestly think Jay-Z dropped a lot of good lines in the album.I especially love the songs Boss and Friends.
Wasting:No time in putting the lessons I have learnt from some of the books I have read this year into practice.
Sewing: In my heart I want to get a sewing machine and be those people who make their own clothes.The reality though is I don't know how to use one and even if I learnt and got one it might just collect dust at a corner as I might not have the drive to use it often. Despite knowing this I am very envious when I see people who have sewing machines at home,know how to use them and actually use them.

Wishing: And trying hard to be a good muslim and one who does all things to please Allah.I was watching this Nouman Khan video about how if we owe someone a lot we always want to please them and do all they ask us to do.Allah has given all of us so much blessings and yet those that have been blessed the most are the once who do the least worship.

Enjoying: All the time that I get to spend by the sea. 

The maasai market on the beach.

Beach camels.
Liking: swahili furniture and home decor.They have the most intricate and beautiful designs on their wood furniture.

Loving: Commencement speeches on YT.I know,I might be a little bit too old for them because it is advise given to 20-23 year olds as they graduate from college but increasingly I find myself watching them.

Hoping:That I become more disciplined in what I eat because really it will take a lot more discipline for me to take exercising seriously.So in the spirit of doing the easy thing I will try and eat better and less 😅😅.

Marveling: At how beautiful county 001 is.No one ever says just how much this place can grow on you.It's the perfect mix of beach and city that would have one seriously thinking of what it would take to start living here.It's true kuingia rahisi,kutoka ngumu.

Needing: To get a good research topic for school because having three topics rejected can make one really want to do bad things to their supervisor.
Smelling: Clean crisp morning air.

Wearing:Always wearing a baati.Always.

Following: People/influencers who hang out in the same circles on Instagram.Yaani this past week most of them were at AirGikosh (I still don't know what this was about) and a brunch hosted by one famous Mulunda at Tigoni House.At this point I am one of them and even know when one rewinds her shoes too often.This is to say I might need to be off IG for sometime maybe or start following new pages.

Noticing: that understanding your struggles,fears and insecurities is very important.This because you interpret situations based on your past experience and biases.There is this story I once read about a lady who always told her husband that her neighbours were dirty and didn't wash their clothes well.One day the husband decides to indulge her and checks out the neighbour's clothes hanging on the lines.He realises that it's their window that is dirty and asks the wife to clean it.What do you know next time she looked at her neighbours laundry it was super clean! So before making any conclusions about people or situations always ask yourself if your window is dirty.

This person is living all of our dreams house by the beach.
Knowing: that if there was a way I could bottle the smell and the feel of the breeze along the sea I would.There are these people in Nyali who have houses along the sea.Imagine how much happiness the location of their residence brings them.A lot of happiness I think.Money cannot buy happiness is a lie, because it can buy you a house by the beach and that is the same thing.

Thinking: At this point the ladies in WAGs Miami are pretty much family to me 🙈🙈. It has to be the most watched show on my very short list of watched shows .Don't judge until you see how reality TV can be addictive. A hot cup of tea,WAGs and incense sticks are the ultimate self care for me.

Feeling: like I need to work really hard because there is so much expected of me.The people I work with think so highly of me that honestly sometimes I get scared.

Bookmarking: Downloading loads of cake recipes lets hope I actually make some of them.

Vegetable samosas.

Pancakes my one true love.
Opening: myself up to adventures in all its forms mainly food.So far, all my yeses have paid off with great memories and sadly extra kilos but such is life. 

Giggling:At what alcohol can do.There is this old man I work with he even has grand daughters but the moment he touches alcohol he transforms into a break dancer and just dances in front of all of us.Sometimes I see him sober,all serious and I have to stiffle my laughter.

How is your year so far? those resolutions we all made how are you doing on them? If like me it's a mix of some are going well and some not so well.Its mid-year and a good time to re-strategize. 


  1. Love commencement speeches. You should listen to the Stanford ones. Truly lovely.