Friday, December 11, 2015

of Hip Hop Literature and Cipher

I recently learnt there is such a thing as hip hop literature, what is the world coming to right? and because I know a lot of parents with really young kids ranging from a few months to 5 years their biggest concern when you start listening to loud/barely audible music is,stop listening/watching music infront of the children you'll spoil them really? and for others which is a more valid concern wacha kelele utaamsha mtoto.For these parents this idea will be a bad bad one but give them say 10 years and they will love it(maybe?).

There is a school, it's in another continent basically another world but still it is a school and it has a class called hip-hop literature and they use very recent music to discuss issues facing the society :-). If I was asked to make a suggestion in the curriculum( such big dreams :-)) I would say add it as a part of school extra-curricular activities because we are a serious nation that does not take education lightly and it can't be made part of the mainstream school work.

It will probably be the club with the most students considering how much music high school kids listen to and how much time they spend cramming them lyrics or is it dem lyrics (ha ha ha),calling themselves names of singers on their social media accounts, Abdul I see you, ati Alsina, disowning us like this, for a man you have never met :-). I'm sure teachers will have fun and will so dearly love this class because there is no way those guys who used to listen to Banjuka whilst seated on top of ladders outside the hostel could have suddenly evolved to non-music listening persons because its something you do not outgrow, but because you are teacher there is no way you'll sing along to Nae Nae with your students because you are the adult!!.In this class you can surprise them with how much better you can dance to Nae Nae than them ofcourse before discussing 'serious' songs like Diamond's Nitarejea

Eleza mbona Diamond kaamua kwenda Dar-es-salaam? (the role of men in the society, which is what by the way?)

Mbona wamekosa mavuno msimu mzima?(pass the message of planting trees and taking care of the environment)

Je Diamond alirudi nyumbani kutoka Dar-es-salaam (La hasha!)

Mbona aliamua kubaki Dar-es-salaam ?

Forget about using examples to teach,question and answer,presentations and all those old teaching methods there is the new method called the cipher which  guarantees no student will sleep in class,do assignments for another subject or simply day dream, but how do you use it to teach say maths and those difficult subjects is the big question.

If you have sometime listen to Kendrick Lamar and prepare to have your mind BLOWN!!

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