Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Reception Centre

         This small boy decide to make a 'run' for it only to be caught.

No one leaves home unless home is a sweaty voice in your ear saying leave,run away from me now,I don't know what I have become,but I know anywhere is safer than here-Warsan Shire.

I'm sure everyone knows that there is an ongoing war in Yemen,that honestly I didn't know much about apart from the fact that some people fled Yemen and came to Somalia either through the entry points at Bosasso or Berbera and it was this surprising turn of events,which I have been told is called reverse migration(I am obviously hanging out people who know some serious stuff about migration:-)) as always it was Somalis going to Yemen.I now know more about it thanks to google and in the unlikely event someone else doesn't know about it,it's  a fight between the Yemeni government and the Houthis.The president is fighting his enemies(I'm not too sure if they are enemies of the state or personal enemies), the 'enemies' are people called the Houthi,they were able to push him out of Sanaa(he fled), which led to the president seeking support from Saudi Arabia,who then formed a coalition with 9 other Arab states and started airstrikes and shelling...................................and the war began and is ongoing.

Berbera is basically in another country :-) and I cannot say much about it.But Bosasso is in the hood :-) so to say,and therefore a lot of times you would see/hear the updates on how many Somalis,Yemenis,Djiboutians have come in through this port and even a special task force was established and they would meet often and always send the minutes from these meetings and I thought what I wouldn't do to sit in one special task force meeting to see what people talk about when they are on a special task force, same thing for those meetings held at the president's place which is truly the house on the hill because I would love to see the Villa Puntland and there is no other way this could happen.

The road to Villa Puntland aka the president's residence
Villa Puntland-The closest you can get without an invite :-)
There is a transit/reception center in Bosasso and I figured it wouldn't be a bad thing to see it, so I asked a friend who has access(but as I later realized anyone can get in) can we go see and they say, I don't know what you think it is but its not a 'let's go see' place but after I insist they agreed and we went.

At the reception centre initially people were provided with cooked meals as they arrived but eventually they were/are being given cash so as to buy food and use to purchase other necessities they might have.They were also provided with beddings, water and hygiene kits.

The food collection area.
I have always thought (secretly ofcourse) that the refugee agency does not do much but in this case they have done good, because all the Somalis who wanted to go back to their original homes were provided with transport and those remaining at the reception/transit centre are being relocated to the IDP camps and new shelter had been constructed for them.They (the refugee and food agency) are in the process of closing the reception/transit centre.

These children making the best use of this visibility board :-)

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