Saturday, February 13, 2016

Best Man Inc.

I had a plan  and all.............................which was to re-watch the movies the wedding ringer and Her and write this blog-post on how I could possibly take the role of Theodore in Her and write on anyone's behalf them love letters(at a fee of-course :-) :-)) but I forgot the movies at home and I tried getting them online and failed so maybe my Best man Inc 'pitch' is a still a work in progress that will be done when I re-watch these two movies or will just be shelved forever :-).

Taking the role of Theodore(letter writer-mostly love letters) would be one huge lie and in the spirit of keeping it true to who I am, I will say what I truly think about valentines as a day, it is OVERRATED and why does it even exist in the calendar.Seriously though to all those out there happily in love and being loved may everyday in some small way be siku ya wapendanao for you :-).


I came across this funny/crazy suggestions/ideas on how to have a memorable day, even bad memories still are memories right? and what's life without memories and some laughs :-) :-)


and if they are very nice and are still talking to you after this and are crazy enough to buy you dinner and at a fancy place no less proceed as below :-) ....................

 and finally :-) ........................

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