Monday, February 22, 2016

Of Art and Fancy Hotels

A war monument in the town.
I was recently in Hargeisa :-) :-) and first things first I think their immigration guys have become stricter because the last time I was there I did not get an entry visa before hand and it was not an issue as you'll just pay the entry fee and get the entry stamp into Somaliland for 1 month, but this time they kept me for quite a while and I had to produce an invite of where I was going,how many days I was planning on staying,fill the form and even attach a passport size photo to the application.It got me thinking why all that seriousness in controlling who enters the country and why did they issue an order/threat/advisory that all Somalis should leave Somaliland,who is Somali and how different are they from Somalilanders?? and clearly my phone thought we were out of 'home' because these people were so unfriendly.

That I have Kendrick Lamar as a screen saver is a good thing right?
I learnt from this episode of our 2 cents that when you travel to somewhere new you should try and do 3 things that is;

1.Eat something new.

2.Buy something new.

3.Meet/talk to someone new.

Eat something new(or in my case eat as much cake as you can)

I ate a piece of all the cakes that were at the hotel I was staying and went to some coffee shop ate more cake,read and drank coffee well hello team fancy :-) :-) because who mostly drinks coffee fancy people right??

Meet/talk to someone new

Generally I am scared of people I do not know so I wouldn't say I made an active attempt to speak to someone new but to make up for this I met the hotel :-) and below is how nice it was.

It qualifies as bae through and through(over-qualifies maybe?) fancy,airy,understands art,has lots of cake and those sweet things (I am not too sure what the name is or if I know what they are called) they serve for breakfast

Some of the pictures that were on the walls.

Buy Something new

My happy face says it all :-) plus it was at night hence the bad lighting.
I love Diracs and have so many of them that sometimes I wonder the day I decide to become stylish what will happen to all these I have (so so many) but without fail I always get news ones every once in a while and what better time than to get pretty once than when you visit another town,We went and got some(and by some I mean many) because all were so pretty and the more you buy the less they cost a WIN by all standards.

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