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The whole Somali community after hearing Warsan Shire on Lemonade
So Beyonce released a new album called Lemonade sometime last week and a visual on HBO by the same name,while I long stopped listening to a lot of new music and especially from 'new' artists because there is this thing called becoming ancient :-)........................recently I was talking to my small brother who is going through this phase of perpetually having earphones on and he tells me the way guys from his school love Mavado and that when it comes on every one screams(they have entertainment nights sometimes).I thought it because  I didn't know Mavado is a singer and so I ask 'kwani nyinyi ni watumbo aje mna-screamia ovacado'. I am sure he will be  laughing for a long time when he remembers that I thought Mavado is Avocado, Therefore I am safe sticking with Beyonce because I know her as well as you can know someone you have never met but know when she has added weight and its maybe because she is getting baby number 2 and all related rumours.

What made me aware of Lemonade was a lot of people I follow on social media went on and on about how Warsan Shire was quoted in the visual/album and I really really wanted to see the visual so I bargained with my other brother to buy the album on itunes because as we all know I am team mulika people and he refused, but he indulged me by checking how much each song in the album goes for and that the whole album is about 18 USDs and that Sauti Sol's album live and die in Afrika is also on itunes, all this and he still doesn't buy it.People who own iphones why have them when you can't buy this album because if I had one I would have bought that album the minute it landed on itunes, listened to all the songs and held a discussion with Mresh on their validity in Queen Bey's life mulika doesn't have a clue who Beyonce is and what itunes is and doesn't care because it has it's benefits like 7 days no charging and falls down you worry it might break the floor :-) :-)

I have read that Beyonce has called out her husband on this album for cheating on her with someone called Becky with the good hair and even threw her wedding ring and says;

'Where do you go when you go quiet.........You remind me of my father, a magician,able to exist in two places at once.In the tradition of men in my blood,you come home at 3 a.m. and lie to me.What are you hiding?The past and the future.merge to meet us here.What luck,What a fucking curse'' 

'Who the fuck do you think I am.You aint married to no average bitch,boy.You can watch my fat ass twist,boy.As I bounce to the next boy.And keep your money,I got my own.' When you play me,you play yourself,If you try this shit again you are going to loose your wife.

I haven't listened to any song on Lemonade except for formation and I haven't seen the HBO visual yet(yet being the key word), but I will tell you what I think about Mr Carter cheating on Mrs Carter,It can't be true because she released the album at first exclusively on Tidal that is majorly owned/controlled by her husband What BeyoncĂ©’s “Lemonade” Can (and Can’t) Do for Tidal,if he was really cheating on her and she was real on this 'who the fuck do you think I am' threats she wouldn't have.In addition to this she has sang crazy in love,dangerously in love and drunk in love and has constantly spoken of how lucky she is to have Mr.Carter as her husband and even bought him a plane!!!!!! as a gift when she got her daughter.

Since we are talking about the fact that she is calling out her husband in a few songs what about all the lines in her songs (trust Beyonce to bring out the hopeless romantic in all of us) that talk about her undying love and what she will do for it and she is definitely singing to and for one Mr.Carter.Some of them that I can think of now are; (but these are like the proverbial drop in the ocean or even smaller!)

'Damn I think I love that boy,do anything for that boy,Now I'll never be the same its me and you till the end'-Countdown

'Got me looking,so crazy,my baby,I'm not myself,lately I'm foolish,I don't this,I've playing myself,baby I don't care,coz your love's got the best of me and,baby you are making a fool of got me sprung and I don't care who sees'-Crazy in Love

'If I wrote a book about where we stand then the title of my book would be life with superman'-Roc

'If there's options,I don't want them,they are not worth my time,cause if it's not you oh no thank you,I like us just fine'-Roc

'Ring the alarm I have been through this too long but I will be damned if I see another chick on your arm'-Ring the alarm

'She is going be rocking chinchilla  coats if I let you go,hits in the house on the coast if I let you go,she gon take everything I own if I let you go,I can't let you go,damn if I let you go'-Ring the alarm

'And I know you love me,love me for who I am because years before I became who I am baby you were my man,I know it ain't easy,easy loving me,I appreciate the love and dedication from you to me'-Dangerously in love

and finally to all those out there saying the way she has been cheated on and all to quote an article on Lemonade I read.............

'As art,it was an unforgettable act of public shaming.As business,though,it was a gift of surpassing values.The irony is rich:the man whose presumptive philandering provided the subject for this album now stands to profit most from its distributions.'

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