Friday, May 27, 2016

What a little rain can do

My name is Rahma(the big revelation finally :-D :-D) but it varies because different people call me different names but mostly I am Rahma which I now know is also the pet-name for rains because rains are mercy from Allah and people call rain Rahma from Allah because all good things are called Rahma :-) :-), Now that I am done selling my name if you didn't notice this is the ultimate pitch for the name and more-so in this age of fancy names and because we are talking about names I have decided/figured that I will do village names when the kids come insha aa Allah, I will give them long names they will thank me or hate me for but I am going with they will love me for it later.Top on the name-list is Khadija Warsan Chaltu (the beloved wife of the prophet, one of the best women in Islam, who is the bearer of good news,an epic poet and is a quite beautiful girl).

I am a lover of the rains and will always walk in the rain because rain where I mostly am when it rains is warm beautiful rain and there is the fact that all the duas you make in the rain will be answered so two wins; walk in the rain/stand in the rain and make the longest of duas. Also I happen to have lived for the longest of time in places where people will as a way of greeting ask 'so is it raining where you are' or if they see a car and it has mud on its tires people will always ask so where are you from and what is the rain situation there.

You will not believe what a few days of good rains can do; It can turn dry tracts of dry land into beautiful  ‘flower farms ‘, increase milk availability, water availability and overall village happiness. Rainy seasons are the happy seasons and by happy I mean they are the default wedding season, debt repayment seasons,court (mahakama) season and story-telling season.

I took these pictures during the past week in places that in March were dry!!

Desert flowers-The magic that is rain


  1. Hi Rahma,

    I couldnt find your email on your blog but I saw a link in from your site and just wanted to say thank you for linking in. Keep reading and keep writing!


  2. Thanks and your blog is the coolest!