Friday, September 16, 2016

After Hours

Hello my name is Rahma and increasingly I am becoming a youtube addict and I need help(if ever there was a self-help group for YT addicts then this will be my introduction), lies!!! I might need to tone down a bit but what I would do with out the entertainment it provides me is unimaginable.Thing is for the longest time I was under-utilizing YT(Yes YT because people have pet-names for things they love) and only used it to watch music videos and occasionally to learn words to songs because at some point in my life I was very serious with this words to songs thing but now I just listen and with time the words will be learnt and if not,honestly who cares.

Professor Google is my best friend and is the site I visit the most and YT is the younger more attractive professor :-D :-D because she uses videos as her teaching resources and Google is still on some old school teaching aids like charts and images. So now YT is my favourite teacher,reference material and source of entertainment.The challenge with all good things is you end up spending loads of time on them at the expense of other important things and this is why YT is my official after hours plan every day of the week.

The struggle of 'I don't want to waste my work hours on unproductive things' being a responsible adult and all resulted in a big discovery by my standards; You can take videos offline and watch them when you free so what I do now is to select all the videos I want to watch and download them over the day and have a ball when I go home in the evening :-D :-D.

People do different things in their free time(what do you do people? do tell) and if you are me, live alone and spend basically zero time on commute therefore you get home early, cook,eat,clean and do all your chores by 7 then here is why in addition to all the other things you do YT should be your new best friend.

All kinds of Tutorials

There is literally all kinds of tutorials on YT and for each tutorial you search you get a lot of videos to choose from,my default is always to go with the one that has most views,if not that I always go for the ones that aren't too long.The tutorials I am currently really liking are those to do with natural hair care and make-up,I know vanity!!!!!!!! but I might give up on the make up ones because they lie;simple every day look and they use 20 products and 50 brushes! maybe I exaggerate a little but there is nothing simple in them.Hair tutorials are really nice and have proved useful :-).

I am having this itch(itch because it might just go away) to learn how to be a better photographer and I was searching for free classes on photography on YT and a lot of them came up though I am yet to take any I know when I take them my photography game will be tops, also I know a friend who told me they taught themselves how to do data analysis by using videos they found on YT.What's better than video lessons that you can replay as many times as you want so as to master a skill, this is enough reason why we should all embrace you tube.

TED X Talks

Even before I made friends with youtube and only used it to listen to music,I occasionally also used it to watch and listen to TED X Talks because  then I thought I will be wiser if I did and would randomly go and watch those that had the most views,Now though I find topics and then search for talks on said topic and have a good time with these talks,some are really boring and some are quite informative the ones I am currently really liking are The skill of self-confidenceConfessions of a D girl and the sociology of gossip


Remember that time I went for the 'Beyond' photography exhibition and I was so surprised that there is a female only village in Samburu and my heart wanted and still wants to go to Samburu.There is a bus point(stage?) from Isiolo to Samburu and I know where it is(obviously), sometimes I think to myself I should just get into one of these buses and go to Samburu and call home when I am already there, who knows one day soon I might just do that..........................I digress.YT is the home of documentaries and all kinds of them.I haven't watched too many because I am more of a 20 minute video- maximum kind of person and most are over 40 minutes. I found this documentary on Umoja village in Samburu (the female only village) and it was like the photos at exhibition came alive and my hopping on a bus to Samburu will happen very very soon Insha aa Allah.


If you are looking for any kind of entertainment YT is your friend, I always watch The real househelps of Kawangware and sometimes Nairobi Diaries in all it's weirdness and Pendo's fights, I take offense with the fact that she went to Boma and thinks charm is juju!.Currently I am loving Tuko Macho  although it's not on YT,talking of Tuko Macho if you aren't watching it please start and you'll thank me for sharing this gem of a web-series(does it air on any TV station though this is what I do not know).I  have heard read  good things about OH BAMA although I haven't watched it so maybe watch it also :-) :-).

Highlight from events

My brother loves loves award shows and he will always get recordings for each award show but thing is to watch a 2-2.5 hour show can be a difficult task what YT does for you is it gets the juicest parts and packages them in many 3-5 minute videos.This I love.

Like these two Summaries on Beyonce's Lemonade this and this one that is probably one of the most played on my phone.

There are also many highlights from all serious events like speeches and major global events :-)

Cooking classes

Are you looking to improve your cooking skills? look no further YT has your back in the words of Proka in reference to Mandi's cooking channel 'Hapa kuna mavitu mazuri sana, many times I find myself licking the screen,looking at her recipes.................

There are many YT channels out there that teach how to cook and I don't have a specific one I love the most but I think Miss Mandi both on her channel and the chop up is a good place for any one to start.

Product Reviews

What I have learnt is that product reviews will save you from buying things that you might end up not liking though not to be trusted 100% they are really useful.If a product has many bad reviews it's safe to say that chances that you will also not like it are high and YT is the queen of reviews :-)

Music Videos

Youtube's primary function is music videos I believe so all songs you ever wanted to listen to can be found here and for free too.Except now there is the small big problem that is Tidal and Beyonce doesn't put out a lot of free videos but it's okay(no it's not), anyone with me to start a petition against Beyonce's loyalty to Tidal?? anyone??.

If you are me and mostly forget song titles YT understands and loves you,if you remember some words those will help you find the song and worst case scenario you don't remember the words but remember the video concept YT will use this to find what you are looking for.