Friday, September 2, 2016

Green Coffee

Green Coffee Shop :-)

Has anyone ever heard of green coffee? I hadn't because truth be told I am not much of a coffee drinker.Sometimes small miracles do happen because how else do you explain me reading Jeffrey Archer's story Cheap At half Price in his book Twelve Red Herrings this week, just to see green coffee and it's prices in it and the significant part this played in the story.It means unprocessed coffee that is sold by the farmers to the people who will then process it and turn it into what we all know as coffee.

I am slowly turning into this 'expert' on happening places to eat at in Garowe because every time a new joint opens someone tells me and I think to myself I have to go see how it is and most of the times I actually check said places out.The best time to visit a new joint as I have learnt is when it's still very new as then they are trying to impress and will have the best of everything, case in point the guys at Green coffee gave us free bottles of water as a welcome/hello, give them a month or two and they will stop with the free water and even the smiles maybe.

Green Coffee is a rooftop restaurant located at a mall, this mall opened during the just concluded Rio Olympics that amongst many things had the world falling in love with the Kenyan national anthem and me finally reaching a conclusion as to why Usain Bolt  always wins, have you seen his strides,the man is tall and has the longest strides ever.The mall is called..........................(your guess is right people) Olympic Mall.If you have been to Garowe you know malls are really mini-supermarkets that will sometimes have the best finds because they are hugely dependent on imports from the Arab world and the West for their stocks but their biggest issue is that they rarely restock stuff so you might find something you really like and when it's finished and you want to re-purchase it it's not available and will probably not be available for a long long time. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how they have kept to the theme of green because they actually have the carpet that is usually on the football fields on the whole floor, so it's the sunsets, faux grass floor and a view of the street lights, pretty cool if you ask me.The stair-case is also painted green and the walls have green paintings on them.These people were very serious with this green thing.

Notice the green faux grass :-)
The sunset :-)
Paintings on the wall

The green stair-case.

Clearly I really liked the walls :-)

We had their hot chocolate,chocolate cake,cocktail and fruits bowl.It wasn't too shabby but there are places in the town that you could get better cake this I know for sure. Their biggest win according to me is the faux grass and the sunsets/rooftop.I have been there only once and therefore cannot pass final  judgement but I am definitely going back to try their teas and all their cakes.

The hot chocolate

Hodan having her moment :-)

The cock-tail that made me regret my hot-chocolate decision
If you live in Garowe or visit Garowe and are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth the places to visit are:

Teatree coffee and tea shop: It's a really nice place run by a girl who came from the UK so best believe she is bringing the Starbucks experience to Garowe as she serves a lot of different kinds of teas and coffees that includes frappuccino and loads of cupcakes :-) :-) :-).

Take a Break:These guys have the best cake in Garowe because their slices are so big and do not have the strong smell of eggs and are oh so soft.Plus they also sell pizza, shawarmas,tea, coffee and all the juices you could think of.

Green Coffee: What's better than tea,cake,faux green grass,rooftops and sunsets to kill time, not many things if you ask me. What I hope though is they get someone better to make their cakes so as to mask the smell of eggs.

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