Thursday, November 3, 2016

A thousand words

At the start of the year I made this resolution to write one post each week and I have tried to do this as much as I could but sometimes I just get real busy and the Noisy Villager takes a back-seat.'Busy' also means I didn’t do anything interesting but in the spirit of regular writing and sharing stuff here goes pages/accounts online that I have been loving.

If you read this blog sometimes or know me you know of my INSANE love for SharonBeyonce, and Warsan Shire. Seriously anytime I have free time I am mostly either watching Beyonce's videos on YT, Sharon on her blog,Our 2 cents, her YT channel and looking up Warsan news or poems.So let's not talk about these three because they will forever remain my constants, I LOVE them and so should you :-)

Instagram accounts I currently love.

Instagram because it's the social media site for sharing pictures because unlike Facebook and Twitter you cannot just post words on this site.I know everyone already knows this but just in-case someone didn't then now you know :-).Also because the title of this post is making reference to pictures being worth a thousand word so it will only be right to talk about accounts that mainly share pictures.

Khadija Farah

Some pictures from her account
Why I love her account: She has the most beautiful pictures and most importantly she is such a story teller and her captions are really nice stories,she is passionate about refugee issues in Kenya,elephant conservation and show-cases many beautiful sites in Kenya. Prepare to be bitten by the wanderlust bug after visiting her page.

Ben Omwaka

Some pictures from his account
Why I love his account:I first took note of his account when he was doing a daily photography challenge and used to post the most beautiful pictures for this daily challenge. I am not sure which challenge it was but I know he might have won because he is photography game is at 100%.The other thing I love about this account is the adventure him and his friends get to go to and share on here makes you want to part of his friends :-). Also I think it's a good account to visit to look for ideas of how to take pictures,key words being ' looking for ideas' and not stealing his style.Visit it and you will thank me :-)

The photography on WFP's twitter account.

WFP delivers food aid to either very insecure places for their staff or places they can't reach by any other means also famously known as air-drops :-)
Why I love this account: I know it technically isn't Instagram but the pictures here are the best,well according to me they are some of the best pictures I get to see. It's not below me to go this page just to look at old pictures and  re-read the stories there. So follow them maybe.

Poem Heaven

The happy start :-)

The sad ending :-( 

Why I love this account: Let me just say this I am a lover of quotes and spend time on Pintrest reading and pinning quotes so an account that is solely dedicated to quotes had to be here.Why I love this one the most, it has the corniest quotes ever!

Anita Gaitho

Why I love her account: Anita just got a baby.............................stick with me there is a reason why her just having a baby is important,she also looks really nice.Now here is the thing in the past once you got a baby,you could let go,eat all the food you want and become a 'mama' but things have taken a turn for the worse people (ha ha ha-no guilt free cake eating ever!),girls are having babies and coming back looking better than they did pre-babies in the words of Beyonce-'strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business',what Beyonce forgot to say is 'and get back to business looking like you are coming back from some holiday and not having a baby'.

These are the 5 accounts I am really liking currently,I hope you like them or some of them or just one of them.Also let me know which ones you love/like.

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