Friday, November 18, 2016

The Murumbi African Heritage Collection.

Taking a selfie with the man of the house.
'On our first date I took her to the art museum at the art institute,I was trying to impress her,to show her you know,I was a really culturally sensitive guy and it worked! Giving tips to the young men out there'-President Obama

Have you ever gone some place and you become so so impressed until the expression on your face gave you away,No? Not many times?? then you should definitely pay a visit to the Murumbi African heritage collection and best believe your jaw will drop.It's conveniently located in town next to Nyayo house(what is also known to me as 'ile place ya passport', because villagers will always be villagers I guess) so you can't miss it, but be sure to go when you have a lot of time because there is so much to see and read.

Joseph Murumbi was Kenya's second vice-president who was an AVID art collecter and thanks to him we now get to see and appreciate all these amazing pieces he collected and learn about different African communities.There is this story about the first piece of art that he bought when he was in exile in Morocco (I am not too sure about the country but I think it's Morocco) and the seller was so shocked that an African man at a time that was so colonial, I am sure Africans had no much rights was buying a piece of art that he gave him it to him for free ☺☺.

There is so much show-cased from all over Africa but what you'll notice is that he had a soft spot for Lamu and the Turkana because there is quite a number of items from Lamu and the Turkana. Each item displayed has a note explaining it,therefore a crash course in history and culture is what you'll get,which is pretty cool if you ask me.

African Currency

Just before we went to this exhibition we were having this discussion on how money is the root of all evil and the way we should go back to barter trade but what we couldn't agree on was what exactly we own or have that we could barter with,if in-deed this impossibility could happen.Then these art pieces to explain african currency happened in my life and suddenly I figured all the beads I somehow own (Hello Maasai market) can be currency :-) :-).

When you look at this picture,do you think Turkana? I am guessing no but as I found out,the earrings and necklace that have leaf like features are worn but Turkana women.

Everything Gold
Gold coins

'Gold is extra-ordinary,for thousands of years people have desired it and sought it out.esteeming it the most precious of all metals.It is a prized possession in all countries,in all cultures and in all ages of history,nothing compares to Gold'-The explanation card next to all the Gold items displayed


I am thinking when someone is getting married,one of the things they might have to worry about is what necklace will I wear,or should I even wear a necklace but if you were Ethiopian Harrar you will have no such concerns because that huge neck-lace in this picture is a wedding necklace.

The executioner

This picture of the executioner that brought about a long long discussion on; why the person who made it ,made it,why Murumbi bought it and if the items at the heritage collection were sold who will buy it and why.To cut a long story short we agreed some white person(I know this makes us look really bad) will buy it and take it back to their home and say the way us guys are backward but seriously though what do you make of this executioner brass piece? See I am becoming artsy :-) :-) knowing it's a brass piece ha!,going to exhibitions has it's 'benefits'.


What's an art collection in Kenya without pictures of wildlife right?.In addition to show-casing Murumbi's art collection,other artists also show-case their work at the Murumbi African Heritage collection and these paintings and cars are by an artist called Richard Onyango.

When the founding fathers were young

Julius Nyerere!

I looked at this picture before reading the caption and thought it was Uhuru :-)

If you haven't been to the Murumbi African Heritage collection,what are you waiting for,it's 150 bob only per person and believe me,you will be a different person after visiting it.

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