Sunday, March 11, 2018

Taking Stock Q1 2018

At the start of the year I made a resolution to do quite a number of things, some very easy to do and some scare me. I hear magic happens outside your comfort zone, so this year I am getting rid of my comfort zone. One of the things I put down in my to-do this year, is that I would blog more, one article each week on the weekends. So far I have done fairly well and only missed one weekend. Also I said that I would take stock on a quarterly basis as this the only way this would make sense for me because truth be told if I did this on a monthly basis,I would have nothing to tell #thelifeaboringperson 😊😊.

Let's take stock now.........

Making: better choices this year and putting me first. Increasingly I do what I believe is best for me and I could care less what anyone else thinks.
Cooking:Easy and simple meals-Ugali,Sukuma,Pilau Njeri,Pasta, basically easy dishes because time to cook and wash dishes is becoming so little.Today I went to the supermarket and it took everything in me not to get a huge packet of noodles. Fan Fact: I have never had instant noodles,based on how tired I am at the end of the day these days and how convenient they seem, who knows, we might start having noodles for dinner everyday in these my household.
Drinking: All kinds of teas,in the hope of getting a tea that will replace my beloved very milky and sugary and spicy Somali tea.So far Kericho Gold’s Earl Grey tea is the number one contender.
Reading: I am currently reading two books because how else would I meet my reading goals for this year right?. This year I plan to read 24 books,2 each month.I am reading: 'The Subtle Art of not giving a f*ck' and 'Is everyone hanging out without me(and other concerns)'.
Wanting: To be happy,I pray that I am always happy and even when I am sad, I pray that Allah gives me a content heart.
Playing: J Cole’s The Disease Of More and Love Yours each time I feel sad and discontent.Also am I the only one OBSESSED with wanting to learn how to do the ODI dance, I am always playing videos of people dancing ODI. 
Wasting:Time, always time and this scares me very much.
Sewing: Nothing but I am hoping to learn how to make sweaters.

Wishing: That 2018 is a better year than 2017 was and that I achieve all my resolutions.Last year I didn't make any resolutions, this year I have written all my goals down and InshaAllah I hope and pray that come the end of this year I will look at them and I will be those people who will be saying loudly-wacha Mungu aitwe Mungu 😂😂.

Vitamin and goodness overload!
Enjoying: Salads more and more.I never thought I will be this person who loves eating cold salads for lunch/dinner but never say never is all I am saying.
The diary of a pluviophile.
Liking: The rainy season that has just started in Nairobi.
Loving: The ODI Dance,who wants to teach me how to do the dance?

Hoping:That I master the art of time management and efficiency.

Marvelling: At how writing down your goals and sharing them with people who you trust pushes you to want to achieve them.Also key to achieving your goals is regular review,this way you will always know your progress and constantly have in mind what it is you are working towards.

Needing: To be better in all aspects of my life.

Smelling: Coconut oil.

Wearing: The prettiest baati ever.I try to get a piece of clothing when I travel and because I mostly travel to Somalia most of my baatis are from different location in the country and each brings back these memories of the market I got them from.Today I am wearing one I got from Hargeisa.

Following: Grey’s anatomy.I only started watching this show recently and I so glad it has 14 seasons out(I think) and I am only just starting season 5.Loads of good TV awaits 😍😍.

Dr.Christina Yang......

Noticing: How men take every chance to belittle women and sometimes they do this in the most subtle ways.

You have a 'sell by date' -The lies society tells to women.

Knowing: That the biggest smiles and loudest laughs sometimes hide loads of tears shed in secret.

Thinking: I don’t eat much,I watch what I eat,I walk 10,000 steps on most days,I drink a lot of water and yet I am becoming bigger and bigger,is something wrong with me? Am I so old that my metabolism is slower than a tortoise now,someone explain to me how this can be happening!

Feeling: Very grateful,not that much has changed but I realise now,I might not have it all but Alhamdullilah I have everything I need.Each day I see people and how hard they have to work,you guys,just yesterday I saw a mkokoteni guy carrying heavy cargo and the owner of the cargo and I thought how can she be so mean,she gets on the cart because she doesn’t want to walk,not thinking how her kilos make the work extra hard for the mkokoteni guy.

Bookmarking: and reading so many articles on productivity.
Opening: Myself to more adventure,I am going to say yes to each and every chance to try something new that I get. 

Giggling: At some story lines in Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me(And Other Concerns).This book sure has some really hilarious sections.

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