Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hair Growth Secrets-Five tips for length retention.

The secret is out!
Hair breakage that came as a result of damage from years of chemically relaxing my hair is what motivated me to go natural.At the time all I wanted was long natural hair.I thought this would come easy and fast however if there is anything being natural has taught me is that patience pays.This patience though has to be accompanied by a good hair regimen and care practices for one to see results.

My goal is to have bra strap length by end of this year.So far so good, I am at armpit length 😄😄 something that has never happened before even with straight relaxed hair. If like me you want long hair whilst being a lazy natural below are five easy to do and affordable tips that have worked for me.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This oil is the real deal! at first I was very skeptical of what a single oil is capable of doing to aid in length retention and hair growth.This oil has worked magic for me and loads of other naturals if product reviews are anything to go with.I use it as a scalp oil.It's also my scalp massage oil and edges oil.My edges are thriving and my scalp is the most moisturised it has ever been.I use it twice a week.

Fermented rice water

Rice water 😄😄
If there is only one thing you try after reading this post please let it be the use of rice water.It's basically free and has such huge impact.Rice water can be used as a final rinse,pre-poo and mid-week/daily hair spritz.What works for me is to use it as a pre-poo and as the liquid when I moisturize my hair mid-week.Using it as a pre-poo has reduced hair breakage during my wash days' to zero.Which is so very impressive considering how much hair I used to shed.

To prepare fermented rice water you only need water and rice.First rinse your rice,then using one cup of rice with two cups of water wash you rice until the water is milky/white,leave this for atleast 24 hours and the rice water is ready for use.

Protective styles

If you really want long hair then you must embrace protective styles.They ensure your ends which are the most fragile part of your hair remain intact hence length retention. Good thing is that there are so many beautiful protective styles to choose from.YouTube will teach you all you need to know about any protective hair style.All you need is a lot of interest,an internet connection and  a bit of time to practise the hair styles.With time you will become an expert and wonder why you ever left you hair open for extended periods of time.I particularly love cornrows and flat twist.

Moisturizing your hair

Natural hair needs a lot of love,this is why you can't get away with moisturizing it once a week.This I learnt the hard way when I used to wash my hair every two weeks.My hair was always dry and brittle.I switched up my hair regimen to washing it weekly and moisturizing every Wednesday evening.It's like I got new hair.It's now softer,curlier and easier to manage.What this means in the long run is less breakage,more length retention and therefore long healthy hair.I still use the LCO method but now I used fermented rice water as my liquid 😉.

Detangling your hair using a comb.

Combing/detangling your hair is a good thing despite all that has been said about why naturals should be enemies with their hair combs.You just need to find what works best for your hair.I detangle my hair wet after deep conditioning before rinsing the deep conditioner out,I do this in small sections and I use a wide tooth comb.

It's best to detangle your hair when it's wet,using products that have good slip and to do this in sections.Also a pro tip is to have your hair trimmed if it needs a trim, this way you will have no hair knots and detangling will always be a breeze.

It's 2019 already! can you believe it.Insha aa Allah this will be the year we achieve all our goals and heart's desires.Have you set any hair goals,do you have tips for hair growth? please share I would love to know and maybe even practise some of the easier ones 😊😊.

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