Friday, June 26, 2015

Here is to future fathers.

I made a promise in my head to write about my brothers on any day that celebrates men and yes although a few days late  here goes to future fathers :-).There are many fathers in waiting I know but the 3 I can truly look into my crystal ball and tell what kind of father they might turn out to be are 3 very dapper gentleman, ok  2 gentlemen and one small boy who are also known as my brothers.To protect their privacy(the way I have always wanted to say this:-) ) I will call them, the Bauss, the Baller and the Baby. These future readings are based on if all factors remain as they are because with the kind of talks I hear nowadays from the Bauss 'unajua kuna rafiki yangu alikuwa akiniambia venye yeye hu make sure anaenda home after food ishapikwa kwasababu bibi ataanza kum-tumatuma na hataki wazoeane hivyo!' clearly he is spending time with some bad company.

The Bauss:He will be a father who will be hands on and does all those thing men frown upon like changing diapers and  all, that is if these chauvinistic friends he is hanging out with currently don't spoil him, he is a gentle soul and when he was younger and less busier would always pick me when I came to Nai and help me run my many errands then, but  these days you call him and his like tupatane jioni he has shughulis :-) :-) but that's part of what is called growing up I guess.He takes care of Sokor and baby sits on weekends when Mresh needs to  go out.There was this one time we lied to him and left him with Sokor for a whole afternoon, we were thinking he will be so angry when we came but we found him teaching her how to walk(he is a star like that). He will be the entertainer there is no one who knows series and movies like this guy, he has watched so many and makes a list(mental list) on new ones to watch, he knows celebs you don't even know exist plus he calls them by their true name like Lucious's personal assistant on Empire he finds her hilarous for some reason and when she comes on he starts laughing and imitating her walk  while saying 'aki Gaby Sidibe'.He is deeply in love with Beyonce so we know he knows a good thing but most importantly he loves children and will make a wonderful father :-).

The Baller:What to say about him all the street knowledge us guys missed on he some how got.When he was in high school he was games captain(or team captain) mostly I think team captain no ways he made prefect with all his drama and since making the team is such an important thing to high school boys because it means going for out of school events to Moi girls :-) :-), boys will beg him to put their names on the list and he will ask them to bribe him, and they did by buying him supper everyday at Oscars.He has done all the games football,volleyball,handball and he currently is a high flying basket baller at his college.They say parents do not have favourites but hands down my mum loves him more than anyone else and laughs at his jokes like he is Erico! and whenever his home he is her number 1 choice for going to tao with.He cooks(as well as a guy can cook) and is the guy who'll come and help you make mandazis in the morning by removing them from the oil and encourages you when lunch is like 2 hours hiyo food inanukia when everyone else is cursing you.What kind of father will he be the typical dads I guess,disciplines the children and you know the dad you'll send your mum to tell things on your behalf.

The Baby:He is our ka-last born who is taller than everyone except for the baller.He has been babied his whole life and his role model is the baller.........'unajua pia mimi hucheza basket ball' has to be one of his favorite things to say, plus he buys clothes and makes reference to the baller,niko na jeans kama ya Hemedy and sometimes they do these dances like they'll dance to P-Unit's Weka Weka and Baby will chocha (they always say wacha kujichocha or unanichocha or some variation of this word) Baller hata akina Bilal(my cousins) wanakushinda and this will I think inspire them to practice more.He might turn out to be one of those very soft dads (those who let their children get away with anything) dude has never been reprimanded in his whole life.The only person who maybe sometimes reprimands him is Mresh(what will do without her). There was this time he got into mischief in school and was suspended and when he came home  he started saying, I don't know the teachers hate him and all and he doesn't want to go back to that school well me and my mum figured enyewe ka-mtoto analia na kukakata kurudi shule lets just transfer him but Mresh was like hakuna venye mtaharibu huyu mtoto hata afadhali angekuwa dame anaweza cheza na mwisho ataolewa, but sa boy na anataka kuoa hawa warembo yeye huchat cut along story short he was taken back to his former school and now he works hard and when I want to make fun of him I start saying 'unacheza na we ni boy hata afadhali ungekuwa msichana.................'. What kind of father he will be truth be told he is still finding out who is his so lets wait another maybe 5 years like this.

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