Thursday, June 11, 2015

Of adult education and an exam

Adult education is supposed to draw from the past experiences of the learners and build on that right? Because they are coming in with a lot of knowledge that even the teacher might not have,If my memory is not playing tricks on me this is what us guys(Hii!!! Laikipia campus peeps, yes I know none of you read this) were told when we did the unit on adult education.So what happens when you are to attend a training that has exams plus a manual that is 159 pages that you are required to read and have in mind up until the exam period and pass mark for this exam is 65%  yes 65% this is like 5% below an A, a pass is supposed to be 40%.The manuals were sent 1 month in advance, did I look at mine prior to coming to the training like maybe the first 20 pages and figured I know these thing what!!!!!!  kuna vile I over-estimated myself and the things I thought I knew.
So day 1 and you get into groups and as fate will have it I get into the loudest group, We are four, one who has done all his pre-reading 3 times over and answers like each and every question so forever putting attention on our table, one who well is not ready to change his perceptions and to quote him ‘What? are we not supposed to question this manual and take every concept like small children taking food from their mother and are not allowed to ask for additional salt or sugar?’(read in a deep South African accent)  and the remaining 2 (me included) have not really touched the manual, I guess both of us are planning to wing it and just use what we think we know from our past, we are very adult after all and we are supposed to bring our own experiences and perceptions right? But as we will find out, we will be required to forget/disregard most of what we thought we knew and use what is in the manual and only that.

The training days were nice with a lot of laughter, cakes, some ice cream and yes a lot of learning/unlearning old things (I think) but the effort to ensure your mind does not wander out of the room to think of other things is huge (or does this happen to only me) .All of us in the group I was in feared that there was a chance that we might fail the exam but especially the 2 culprits who did not do the required pre-reading. My boss has a fun side to him, I guess chances are in the unfortunate event that I maybe get 64% he would see the light side of it(or maybe not) plus if I failed I could always say I passed :-) but be vague on numbers,this other guy is a technical advisor and with big titles come equally big fear of failure I learnt. Come exam day TA guy is in full panic mode, you have never seen panic on someone’s face, it’s too hilarious, then just before the exam starts he points at some guy and says ’this guy (some guy from the group sitting next to us) has finished his whole bottle of water and it’s like 10ish and to make matter funnier he goes like he!!!!  things are thick we need risk mitigation measures. Me I’m doing all that is possible to not laugh out loud.................Happy news is people passed :-) :-).

So after the exam at lunch people talk about how well they did and all, plus how they are never coming for trainings that have exams ever again and if they are invited they’ll just say they are too busy and coming for said training will disrupt them from completing work in time!

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