Monday, June 29, 2015

Ramadhan Tales

In-case any of you hasn’t noticed Ramadhan is just flying by, Day 13 and it feels just like yesterday when me and my neighbour were doing pre-Ramadhan shopping, me mostly nothing and her a lot of stuff because in addition to seeking forgiveness for my sins, Allah’s mercy and a lot of dua for all crazy sort of things.Allah I know all those things I have been asking for are like an atom(even smaller) to you please provide them for me. I figured I will eat less and healthier to try and put down some weight hence no Samosas and all those foods associated with the holy month, just healthy stuff, have I stuck to this mostly I have but sometimes I treat myself for being so disciplined in what I eat and in the past 12 days, how many treats……….just enough to keep this lie to myself that I can live without sugar and ‘unhealthy’ food.

I have made a discovery(yes one like the one Newton did when the apple fell on him) and this could be the only logical reason as to why I have put on  all this weight and its that I have a very slow metabolism or maybe I just eat too much at night(let’s just go with former). Suhur ends just before 4 am as the adhan is at 4 am quite early as compared to other places I know, mostly I’ll make sure I drink enough tea because I would not want to start dealing with how heavy my head gets when I haven’t drank enough tea but get this I haven’t gotten hungry or thirsty in any of this 12 days how epic is that!  But I drink like a whole jug of juice every night (glutton much). The guys in the office on the contrary are having a somewhat difficult time I think judging from how their faces starting looking after Dhuhur prayers you can see the thirst on their lips and they look so tired (I joke) , they always say the way the fast is being difficult on them and me I’m just sitting there looking like well not hungry/thirsty and one of them asks me ‘what do you eat and drink for Suhur’ now I have graduated into a foods to eat for Suhur advisor(my skill set man! is over and beyond awesome :-) ) but If I say I drink loads of water and tea without sugar(keeping within my diet) would they believe me I think  no, So I say just take a lot of tea it will keep you awake through the day  and they keep on asking are you sure you are fasting, at this point I figure where this conversation is going is not too good and I pack my bag and go home.................I’m amused at the question 'what do you eat for Suhur?' I’m sure they think like 5 plates of rice and a whole Tarmush of tea Poor me my image is being killed.

Today I come into work and one of the guys the first thing he tells me after the usual greetings is 'yesterday I slept through Suhur'. Yikes its going to be a long day for him but you never know he might just discover that if he eats less at night then chances are he will not get hungry during the day as the body will slow down to conserve the little food within it.

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