Friday, January 12, 2018

All the feels

Look at Jane's heart glow.

If you watch Jane the virgin then you know when two people like each other their heart glows, for me personally my heart glows each time I see people that are happy together either as friends or more than friends 👫😉. I am what I believe is called a romantic because which other people get warmy fuzzy feelings each time they see two people in love/like,none, only romantics have this 'special ability'.My friends say my favourite conversations are around love.I disagree, but I notice these small things that they don't notice so maybe I am what they say I am.

Below are true events,some so cheesy that seeing them I felt my arteries clog 😆😄.

The Crush

These two people I know and care for greatly are chatting and the guy says he has a crush, so the girl insists on him showing her this crush of his, what do you know,he pretends he is showing her, goes to his phone camera, takes her picture and shows it to her and says this is my crush 💕💘. How shweeeet is this.

The Song 

When I say I am surrounded by the cheesiest people ever, believe me. Have you heard Niseme Nawe by Otile, I am thinking a lot of people have heard this song based  on the airplay it's been receiving.This one time someone I know played it just so the girl he likes can hear it and when she seemed not to take notice he played it again and sang along looking at her so she would know he was letting Otile speak for him.The lines he sang the loudest are;- Naitwa Ramjah,unaitwa nani? hivi unatoka mtaa gani wewe,mtaa gani? hivi we mwana wa nani? mwana wa nani? huu muda wote umekuwa wapi? umekuwa wapi? naomba usinipe kisigo,nataka nifugue wangu moyo,sijui uendako,ila naomba nitembee nawe,ninamengi ninataka niseme nawe.'

The cheeky proposal

I know two people on twitter and instagram both are photographers, young and dreamy. One day the girl posts something like-I am 26 and not anywhere near where I thought I would be because I thought I would be married and with a masters degree by 28, boy replies 'so you are getting married in 2019' and she says-I don't think so, but when the day comes will you be my photographer?, boy answers-how can I photograph my own wedding, Me: hugs him through my phone 😍😍.

We are Together

Today I sat next to an old man in a meeting, he is a consultant and apparently he works with another brilliant female consultant.The chair asks him about said female and if they are together, she didn't know that she is his wife and he answers-'ohh we are together! she is my wife, we also work together, she has an office next to mine.'

I haven't written in what seems like forever and this year I hope to write more and write better, here is to one post a week through out the year.

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