Friday, January 26, 2018

of fish and football legends

I am the biggest optimist ever and love nothing more that stories of people who are doing well despite struggling earlier in life.Oliech is one of the famous rags to riches story in Kenya. He used his passion for football and played the game out of poverty and into some crazy wealth. At some point he made over 10,000,000 a month!!, was captain of the Harambee stars and had all the pretty girls in town asking him to call them maybe.Rumour has it that his mum sold fish by the road side to make end meets before his success and being a good son when he made it he expanded her business for her, she now has two restraunts in the city-One in Dagoretti Corner and the other in Kilimani.

Her fish is world famous that even when Facebook CEO was in town he visited her Kilimani joint for the fish, because he said it was the most recommended food place for authentic Kenyan food.As country we do not have a national dish,it is therefore arguable what is authentically Kenyan and what is not. I think Ugali is authentic, fish not so much because for sure I know many pastoralists have never seen or tasted fish or some maybe do not know it even exists.

On Thursday last week  we decided to go have fish for lunch at the Mama Oliech in Dagoretti Corner.We being me and my office mates, I have been to Mama Oliech's once before and I was there with a friend. This time I was with a 'crowd' that I am sure loves fish because; it is good meat, is rich in omega 3 and if you eat the head you can improve your brain power.You don't believe me,think of all the professors you know and you will realise a significant number are from the lake-side and they are that brainy because of all the fish heads they have eaten.This branch of Mama Oliech  primaryly sells one dish only; Samak, with a side of Ugali and Kachumbari, she also sells greens,and soft drinks.

The 'menu'-from here you choose which fish you want/would like to eat.
At the entrance you choose a fish,they vary in sizes, the fish are already cooked but if you want it extra hot and crunchy you ask them to re-deep fry it.Once you select your fish, you choose a table and wait.They are very quick and your fish will get to you in a very short time.

The office gang 😃
Lunch is served
See the prices, fair right?
It's priced fairly as we on average spent  KES 450 per person which is not too bad considering huge fish,large piece of ugali,soup,kachumbari and soda.

Would I recommend it? YES! but if you are one of those people who want  very clean and non-smoky joints or ambiance and decor mean a lot to you then maybe visit the one in Kilimani.

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