Thursday, October 18, 2018

A lazy girl's guide to a clean home

Growing up and getting your own place is often glamorized. Whilst it's a blessing to be able to move out of your parents’ house and start on your own, having a place comes with huge responsibilities. Financial and time ones. If you still live at your parents and they are happy to take care of you.STAY WITH THEM for as long as you possibly can.

A lot comes with having a place of your own.The freedom to truly be your own person and do all the things you ever wanted to do. It also comes with cleaning as one of the major responsibilities.However very little is ever said of this responsibility.This so as to ensure that young people dreaming of moving out never get to know just how hard it can be to live on their own.

If like me you have no love for cleaning there is good and bad news for you.The bad news is there is no way out. The good news is that you can find ways to make it work.

Below are things I have found work in making things easier for me as far as keeping a clean house goes;

Schedule cleaning  

Decide on different aspects of cleaning that you will do on each day.This way you ensure all parts of your home are taken care of.This also avoids the feeling of being overwhelmed trying to clean all things at once.For example I know to wash the toilet on Wednesdays,Saturdays and Sundays, to wipe all my windows and window sills on every second Saturday and to clean the kitchen everyday. 

Do not let dishes pile 

This might seem very obvious but it's not.I have been guilty of piling up dishes until getting into the kitchen scared me.What I have discovered is washing dishes each evening is good use of your time.An empty kitchen sink in the morning is a mood booster like no other.This also makes your life much easier in the evening when you come home after work.All the  dishes will be clean and ready for use.

Clean up after yourself  

Often there are small spills in the house,that one cup of tea after washing the dishes,wetness of the bathroom floor after you use it,clothes on the floor at the end of the day.These things seem like small things but do this for five days and you will have a really untidy place and huge cleaning up to do. 

Imagine if you cleaned your few dishes immediately after every meal,wiped all spills in good time and folded clothes each end of day or put all the dirty clothes in the laundry basket.Cleaning will be so much pleasant and easier.

Always clean before sitting down to go online or watch TV.

The internet and TV are the biggest time wasters on this planet.You might have solid plans for cleaning but if you decide to relax for five minutes and enjoy life doing these two things you are finished.You might end up wasting a full day catching up on your favourite series all the while justifying this with 'I work too hard,pay too much for TV and internet and don't get enough use out of them'. 

Try rewarding yourself with a binge watching session after doing your cleaning and other tasks for the day.There is nothing as satisfying as watching your favourite shows when you know no duties await you.Do this often enough and you will condition yourself to always clean before enjoying stuff online or on TV.

Decide what to wear for the week on Sundays 

This not only makes your life easier each morning during the week but ensures that you don't empty the contents of your closet each morning. An additional bonus to this is that your outfits will be well thought out,you will be early to work and you home will be neater.Many wins if you ask. 

Get great podcasts or  create a cleaning playlist

A playlist you love and podcasts you enjoy will make cleaning less of a chore.Singing along to songs certainly makes cleaning easier.I have created a cleaning playlist to sing along to as I clean.For those times when I want to use cleaning time to learn something new I listen to podcasts,lately I have been loving Myleik Teele's podcast.

Keep you sitting room and bathroom clean 

Most times the people who visit me do not call prior to visiting. This I have no problem with but what scares me is that they might come when my place is at its untidiest. This worried me so much that I googled how to ensure your home is always visitor ready.The solution that works for me is; one must decide what rooms and corners of their home that visitors are likely to use  and keep this tidy.Now I try and make sure the sitting room and the bathroom are always clean this way I don't panic 😓😓😓 when I get visitors.

Do you struggle with cleaning, what do you do to make it easier especially if you have no help? share your tips.I would love to know.

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