Saturday, October 27, 2018

Jumia's Black Friday-The Naturalista Edition

One of the best ways to save money is to bulk shop during sales.In preparation for Black Friday, I have researched on product categories that are of interest to me,so as to find out which ones have the best reviews and are therefore worth getting.I have quite a list of items, lets hope they all have huge discounts so that I am able to get most of them without denting my wallet.

Through out November I will be sharing products that are great and are likely to be on sale.This way  we all make the most of the sales this year.To get the best deals on Jumia download the Jumia APP to your phone.The APP gives you alerts when the mega sales for each of the products or item categories will be going live.This way you do not miss any of the flash sales.It is the best way to make the most of the offers on Jumia.

First up; natural hair products that are great value,work really well for me and a lot of other naturalistas based on the many  reviews I have read for each of them.


The best shampoos are those that clean you hair and don't strip it of it's oils below are some of my favourite;

This shampoo works well in cleaning hair without stripping it of it's natural oils.It contains mango oil and bamboo milk.It's petroleum and paraben free and so very affordable.An additional bonus to this is that it smells like mango juice and will in addition to all it's benefits leave your hair and bathroom smelling great.I got the 250 ml bottle during last year’s sale and it lasted a really long time.It's definetly worth getting especially if it's on sale.

Natural hair care can get very expensive if one isn't careful. Therefore brands that have good quality products without a hefty price tag are always welcome.Mikalla is one such brand.This shampoo has vitamin B5 that strengthens hair while maintaining it's moisture.It's paraben-free and consists of low salt and sulphate.The 500 ml bottle normally goes for 350 KES and this is before the sale.Jumia last year had upto 50% off on some hair products!! keep an eye out for this product you might get it at 175 KES.

TRESemme has some of the best hair products I have used in the years I have been natural.If one is able to splurge on hair products and especially shampoos,it's best to get a TRESemme shampoo.It will last you very very long,they are of excellent quality and will therefore be good to your hair.I once got one of their shampoos and it lasted me two years!! This Black Friday Insha aa Allah lets pray they get to 80% off so that we stock up with no guilt.


Conditioners play different roles for different people.I love conditioners that infuse moisture and that help with detangling hair.The ones that have worked best for me so far are;

This product was making an entry into the market during last year's sale and it was 50% off.Sheila Ndinda's review convinced me to get it and boy am I glad I did.This conditioner does an excellent job in detangling hair,has great slip and leaves your hair soft.Because of it's ability to detangle hair it minimizes hair breakage and the best part helps in length retention.

TRESemmé climate protection conditioner

This conditioner is my favourite conditioner of all time.It has vitamin B12 and gelatin therefore it moisturizes, nourishes and adds shine to hair.It detangles hair and has been formulated to nourish and protect split ends and reduce breakage.This is the one product that I plan on getting during the sale this year and if the prices are good I will for sure get enough bottles to last me through the whole of next year Insha aa Allah.

This conditioner I first got because of it's great price point and it hasn't disappointed.It's thick,contains honey and shea butter.It delivers on it's promise to detangle hair and helps in infusing moisture into one's hair.


Oils are used to seal in moisture and play a very crucial role in ensuring one's hair is moisturised and retains moisture for long.Its therefore important that one uses good quality oils.Personally I am a huge fan of coconut oil,shea butter,jamaican black castor oil and castor oils.

Coconut oil is that multi purpose oil that can do it all.Oil cleanse your face,make your pancakes gourmet pancakes,used as body and face oil and famously it's known to seal in moisture into your hair.The best coconut oil to use on your hair are  the most organic ones.Those that you are also safe for cooking.Kentaste is one such coconut oil,great value for your money,works great on your hair and skin.They come packaged in beautiful glass containers that you can use to store different things once you are done with the coconut oil.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil 

If you are looking to grow your hair or your edges are struggling this oil is the answer to all your problems.Since my major hair goal is length I began using JBO because of how every praised it as the miracle worker when it comes to helping hair grow and retain length.This oil has worked so very well for me,my hair is longer and fuller since I started using it. If you are chasing length like me this oil will make you very happy.

What hair products are you planning on getting during this year's sale? why those specific products,I would love to know.

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