Monday, October 1, 2018

Coco Mayo-DIY Treatment For Dry Hair

I have been struggling with dry hair for a few weeks now and by struggling I mean I was even scared to comb my hair.We all know how this story might end,long periods of uncombed hair that may result in 'dreadlocks' and then a lot of hair loss trying to comb them out.Since I had lived through this once I figured it's not something I wanted to do again.In an attempt to moisturize my hair I doused it in coconut oil and combed it out.I know you are wondering? wait,what? no spritz first? at this time I also thought my hair hated water and that spritzing made it hard.I have since found out oil in itself is not a moisturizer but a sealant.Therefore if you oil dry hair,you are infact sealing in the dryness!!!!

A quarter litre of coconut oil later and my hair was still hard,detangled but not soft at all.So what to do? I went on Google and searched DIY treatments for dry unmanageable natural hair.I found so many treatments but I choose the one that I have the ingredients for at home and therefore the easiest for me to do 😃.

The coconut oil and mayonnaise hair mask.

It's benefits

Mayonnaise contains healthy ingredients such as vinegar, soybean oil and lemon juice which are known to boost the health of the hair due to the presence of fatty acids and vitamins. These lend shine to your hair and seals moisture within. Coconut oil on the other hand is comprised mainly of smaller medium-chain fatty acids, therefore the oil of the coconut penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other conditioners.Coconut oil used in hair masks repairs split ends, moisturizes your scalp and add a healthy glow to your tresses.

These two used together based on their properties have the promise of being kick ass as a moisturizing hair mask.

What you need
Equal  parts coconut oil and mayonnaise and a mixing bowl.Take any bowl you have in your kitchen preferably a small glass one put all the ingredients in it and mix.Mix well ensuring that it's a smooth mixture so that one can't tell there is coconut oil in the mayonnaise.I used about 125 ml coconut oil and quarter a mug of mayonnaise.The simplest of DIYs!!

How to use it

Once your mixture is ready,wet your hair using warm water.Ensure that your hair is proper wet but do not use shampoo.Apply the Coco Mayo hair mask generously ensure that all you hair is covered in it especially the roots.Then put on you plastic cap,I used two and added a wollen cap on top just to make sure there was enough heat to help my hair in absorbing all the benefits of this mask.I did this early in the morning and left it on until 11 am.I had it on for about three or four hours.Ideally it's recommended you have it on for 20-30 minutes.We all know this is too short and we must quench our hair's thirst for oil and moisture 😅😅 therefore the longer it stays on the better.

After this, rinse it out using warm water,then shampoo your hair using a sulphate free shampoo,condition it,detangle it and moisturise it as you normally would.

Moisturing and air drying your hair

I am three years,two months natural now.This means I have learnt a lot about my hair and one of the things I have had to learn the hard way is what kind of air drying works for me.Initially I would let my hair loose to dry,this made my hair so hard to manage as leaving it open led to it tangling.Loads of online research and now I air dry my hair in very loose flat twists.Surprisingly it takes almost the same amount of time to dry but it remains soft and moisturised.

For moisturizing now I use  the LCO method and I am in love with the results.For Liquid I still use water,for cream I use my trusty mikalla leave in conditioner and for oil I use a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter.

For now my hair loves the flat twist air drying 'method' and using LCO to moisturize makes it smile.

This mask was very good to my hair,it was moisturised,remained moisturised for long,was shiny and curlier.Now it is officially incorporated into my regimen as the moisture treatment,once every month.What are your favourite DIY hair recipes I would love to know.

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