Saturday, October 6, 2018

Taking Stock Q3 2018

We are in the final quarter of the year.This is the time to make sure that we work hard to achieve most of the resolutions we set at the start of the year and haven't achieved yet.I feel like I am always saying time flies but each time when it's time to take stock it feels like there is no way three months could be over.I feel like I blinked once  in July and when I opened my eyes it was early October.Truth is time will always fly, it is  upto us all to fill our days with things that add value to our lives,worship Allah,work hard,play hard,be there for our families and friends and to enjoy life's little joys.

I love taking stock because it forces me to look at the resolutions I made at the start of the year. Alhamdullilah Allah has come through for me on some major items I had on there. I still have to work on a lot of the things I hoped for and planned to do but I am grateful this far. It is obvious that I am a resolutions and goals person, I find that having a note book specifically for this is very useful.I have my 2016 and 2018 ones in one notebook and Insha aa Allah will have 2019 ones in the same book.This way I know what my dreams have always been and what means the most to me.

Without further ado lets take stock now.

Making:home decor plans.I have times I am obsessed with home decor.There are times I think more items,more clutter hence minimalism is what I should aim for.Currently though I see and dream in colour.A lot of my free time is spent on pintrest,home decor pages on Instagram and YT looking for decor ideas for small houses,storage ideas for one with small storage space and basically how to make small spaces pretty.Also for my future home I know what sinks I want,what floors I want,type of storage I want and a fully fleshed out idea of how the dining area will look like.Now only to find the boat load of cash needed to make all these grand dreams and plans true.

Cooking: A lot of the recipes on Kaluhi's blog.Her recipes are easy to follow,affordable and best of all don't require you to search far and wide for the ingredients to use.The coconut matoke is such a hit in my household, the vegetable fried rice is my absolute favourite thing to make nowadays and her lemon zest and cardamon mandazis are the most delicious mandazis yet. If you are looking for simple easy to follow recipes run to her blog.Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Drinking: a lot more water.These days I try to drink two litres of water each day.I am hoping to reap all the benefits that comes with this.These include; flushed out of toxins,good skin,good scalp,possibility of hair growth,water apparently is the fountain of youth and it aids in weight loss.Water it seems is the solution to a lot of my vanity issues.I see no noticeable difference despite all my efforts but Aluta Continua.

Reading: Rebecca Traister's All the Single Ladies.I got this book recommendation from Tracee Eliss Ross's 73 questions with Vogue.Reading this book I see why it is the book she recommends from her library.It's a great book,easy to read and very captivating.

Wanting: All the eyeshadow palettes in the world and colourpop's super shock shadows.I may or may not have a list of highly rated eyeshadow palettes and super shock shadows waiting for black Friday to get them.If you read this and are thinking of gifting me,the Juvia's Place bundle containing Nubian 1,Nubian 2 and Masquerade palettes will make me love you forever.

Playing: a lot of wedding appropriate songs 😊😊.I am the biggest romantic and love nothing more than happy endings and the warm fuzzy feeling they bring me.If anyone is getting married and is  looking for wedding songs Chaguo La Moyo,Nikupende and Sura Yako might just be your answers.
Wasting:time mostly online reading blogs,watching make up,natural hair and food videos online.I sometimes think I need rehabilitation for my addiction to the internet.
Sewing: loving that_girl_sebi on Instagram.She is a seamstress and designer that makes some really beautiful pieces.She currently is doing a challenge where for 30  days she must wear clothes made by her.

Wishing: that the thief who stole my phone is caught and I get it back.I didn't care much for my phone when I first got it because the camera wasn't good enough.With time it grew on me,the camera improved and it turned into my trusty companion.It also had a large screen and was so comfortable to read from. I reported its loss to the police 😅😅.The thing that struck me the most about Central Police station is it's smell.It smells like sweaty men.Fingers crossed that they find it using their tracking system.

Enjoying:The warm weather in Nairobi now.The sun and blue skies make me so so happy.

Liking: The Naivas at Capital Centre.It has the most diverse items and their grains section is great.They run special offers so often that each time I am there I mostly buy items that are on sale or those that have a buy one get one free offer.For customer service week they are gifting everyone with their loyalty card coffee and croissants!

Loving: Living With Ess.Mama Naila is killing it on that show.She has the most diverse guests and covers many different topics.The show covers finances,beauty,entrepreneurship,cooking,health,motherhood and so much more.It airs on NTV Monday through Friday from 8 am to 9 am.All the episodes are uploaded on YouTube and one can watch them there especially because many people aren't watching TV at the time it airs.

Hoping:that all the things I hope for,plan for,dream of and pray for come true.

Marveling: At the power of meditation.At the start of the year I had a problem focusing on one thing long enough.This scared me because a lot of what I do requires one to do one thing over long periods of time.Dr.Google at the time told me meditation could help.So I downloaded a meditation app called the smiling mind.I try to meditate each day and despite all my skepticism meditation works. I feel more centered now and I am able to focus more and for longer periods of time.

Needing: to find a balance between work,home and school.I am grateful that I am able to do all these three things and maintain some level of fun in my life.Increasingly though I feel like sometimes home slips away and on most days school work is at the bottom of my list of priorities.I hope to be those kick-ass women who do it all.Although from reading Lean In and The Year of Yes I know you can't have it all,you just prioritize and do what is most important to you and to get help especially at home be it from a househelp(in the case of Shonda Rhimes) or your partner (in the case of Sheryl Sandberg).

Smelling: My hair perfume.It smells like a beautiful Somali woman would.Smell so nice that each time someone visits me and uses it they ask for it's name and where I got it.I love love it.

Wearing:Always wearing a baati.Always.

Following:The news.Who knew this time would come.I try to watch news every day and sometimes even watch KTN's news only channel just to get indepth details on stories making headlines.It's official I am an OLD WOMAN.

Noticing:that I am addicted to the internet and that Safaricom are thugs.Their data bundles are expensive and do not last.I moved to Airtel and their 15 GB bundle lasts me the whole month 😊😊 and costs less than Safaricom's monthly 10 GB data.

Knowing: that the reason I might never go back to being the tiny human I once was is my love for pasta.Swahili's even have it for breakfast,they make it with sugar and oil and take it with black tea.This discovery sure makes it to the top ten things I have learnt this year.Sugary pasta is one of my favourite things to eat when life becomes too stressful.

Thinking:Qadr is real.We make our plans but the truth is everything that happens to us is all written by Allah.If things are going well be grateful and remember it's not your doing.If things aren't going too well, hard as it may be,be grateful and tell all your worries to Allah.After all he is the one who has control over everything.

Feeling: like this year I have become better; at speaking up for what I believe in,saying no,sharing my opinions even if the people I am sharing them with show disinterest,refusing to be a push over and generally being comfortable with who I am.I am very proud of the woman I am becoming.

Bookmarking:loads of articles on irrigation.Solar powered irrigation to be specific.At the risk of sounding like the boring person that I am, reading these articles and researches on irrigation is very fascinating to me.

Opening:I am focusing on completing this post in the shortest time possible so I am opening nothing at the moment.

Giggling:At customer service week shenanigans.My mum banks with KCB and they sent her a text message thanking her for choosing to bank with them,telling her how committed they are in supporting her in the journey to financial prosperity.This text was so personal and well thought out that it made me laugh out loud.

I hope that this last quarter of the year brings all of us our deepest desires and that these three months are truly special for each of us.

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